The woman is mysterious ” portal ” want relaxed

The mystery that the female’s pudenda is a female ” portal ” , since female symbolizes divinely, also be a female last line of defence. This sensitive place gets hurt the most easily, the female should be known be kind to oneself, those who had cherished oneself ” secret garden ” .

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Ms. Liu is right oneself ” portal ” nurse very careful, nurse with pudenda everyday juice will rinse vulva. Some closer day pudenda appeared blastSao is urticant, she is in very the situation that feel puzzled continuesHospitalWith respect to rash. DoctorOpening the prescription that give is actually: What nurses fluid is not used, clean pudenda with clear water only. She goes back according to do, the heal after half moon.

The expert comments on:

Afore-mentioned case of illness are female private part nurses a kind of common error. Many females think clear to wash fluid benefit at pubic health, it hear of which kinds of brand is good to hear of which kinds of brand buy with, or frequent use cleans fluid to rinse pudenda, the result causes the disease of department of gynaecology such as vaginitis. Below normal circumstance, the normal bacterium that living to be given priority to with lactic acid bacili inside the vagina of healthy woman is planted, vaginal PH the value is maintained fall in weak acerbity environment, can prevent the develop of harmful bacterium, rise to protect vaginal action.

If use all sorts of clear lotion to rinse the vagina everyday, can kill the beneficial bacterium that maintains normal and acidity environment, such abet instead of harmful bacterium cause, suffer from very easily onBacterial sex vaginitisWait for disease of department of gynaecology.

“Portal ” clean important or urgent business:

The female wants to cherish her ” secret garden ” , maintain pubic cleanness, precautionBacterial infectionIt is female private part nurses mandatory homework.

One, correct pudenda cleans a method

1, clean a frequency: Everyday 1 can.

2, clean means: Had better use shower bath, use Wenshui to rinse, if do not have shower condition, can replace with the basin, but want only the basin is special.

3, clean order: First abluent both hands, cleaned vulva backward once upon a time next, wash big, nympha again, wash finally anus is reached all round anus.

4, clear lotion: Choose to suit oneself clear lotion below the guidance of gynecologist according to oneself circumstance, had better not use everyday, biweekly or be being used when power of immunity of body of every months of physiology period is low is optimal method. Avoid by all means changes ceaselessly the medical fluid of all sorts of brands.

5, the expert reminds: Normal circumstance falls not to make be cleaned inside the vagina. If vaginal Sao is urticant, pee from time to tome the keenly feel of calcination, color is unusual (gray, olive, take hematic silk) even, bump appears in the vagina, have peculiar smell, must go to a hospital checking.

2, when menstruation comes caress

1, change sanitary towel frequently, clean vulva 2 times with tepid water everyday.

2, be like cannot shower is cleaned, when the basin is washed, should accomplish ” one person an one towel one water ” . Pudenda and sufficient ministry want to be washed apart.

3, do not wash cold water bath.

4, do not want hip bath.

3, during be pregnant clean

1, because of be pregnantLeucorrhoea grow in quantity, catch a bug particularly easily, everyday Wen Shuiqing is washed several times.

2, change every day briefs, abluent briefs wants to be basked in in the air below sunlight.

3, if have peculiarLeucorrhoea(The capacity is much and have stink) , should as early as possible go to a doctor.

4, unripe postpartum is cleaned

1, summer is postpartum 3 days, winter washs bath after postpartum a week.

2, had better use tepid water shower bath.

3, do not want hip bath.

4, if have effluvial should go to a doctor of as soon as possible.

5, of unidentified reasonVulva Sao is urticant

1, wash vulva several times with Wen Shuiqing everyday.

2, after washing, urticant agent stops in vulva inunction.

3, the expert reminds: As soon as possible goes to a hospital searching the pathogeny.

Lady of the Song Dynasty is sanitation protects the advocate of mat, although be absent menstruation, also use every day. The big sanitation that pack was bought to protect in the supermarket recently mat, had not given out to discoverThe skin is aglow, Sao is urticant. Go to a hospital checking ability to knew to get the vaginaFungus infection, investigate its reason is she uses sanitation for a long time to protect mat infection be caused by.

The expert comments on:

Sanitation is protected mat is unfavorable often use. Use sanitation for a long time to protect mat can make local humidity and temperature increase greatly, it is especially in the climate of hectic fever more apparent. The growth that gives bacterium and fungus not only so created appropriate condition, and the acid-base value that destroyed the vagina, reduced effect of local protective protective screen, can cause vaginitis.

Together with sanitation protects the attrition of mat easy the loss that causes local skin or wool bursa, produce vulvaFolliculitisWait for a disease. So sanitation is protected mat is unfavorable and long-term use.

Sanitary towel uses a method correctly:

1, in menstruation, the use time of every sanitary towel had better not exceed 2 hours, should wash his hands before use sanitary towel. Do not need to use sanitation to protect at ordinary times do not use as far as possible when mat.

2, once sanitary towel is opened, cause pollution very easily, look from wholesome angle so, appropriate buys the sanitary towel that packs independently, if want to consider economic factor, can buy do not take independence to pack but every packets of sanitary towel with a less number. Sanitary towel is by fiber material is made, easy be affected with damp be affected with damp is degenerative, after tearing open a bag, should put in ventilated and dry place, cannot put in the moisture such as toilet not to see sunshine is in, lest be affected with damp be affected with damp invades a microbe.

3, the wholesome requirement of sanitary towel is very strict, closer from manufacturing date quality has safeguard more, if store up too long, although do not tear open a bag, also can deteriorate pollution, accordingly, when using, must notice to use date, do not buy too much.

4, do not choose sales promotion to taste as far as possible, gift, this kind of product is businessman processing likely is slow-moving article, quality makes sure; does not select the product that has sweet smell hard, fragrance is not spent on behalf of cleanness, cause allergic; not to go after the product of big uptake likely, because of when using, often should change, because the product of big uptake changes to cause a bacterium easily not frequently, cause a disease.

5, choose the sanitary towel that suits oneself. Want to pledge according to oneself body, choose the normal product of normal manufacturer, use namely buy namely. Will tell cotton face sanitary towel to draw rate commonly fast, it is good that wire side defends the performance that answer ooze, proper medicaments sanitary towel has sanitarian function. But dry bright wire side is not suit everybody, red, scratchy allergic phenomenon can appear after a lot of people are used, because this has the woman of allergic constitution,want careful with. Officinal sanitary towel also is not everybody all appropriate, allergic constitution or haveDermatitisHistory the female should be used cautiously especially.


Sweet clew: Ability is protected outside be being moved inside thoroughly relaxed.

The female is right of oneself ” portal ” want special care, motherland medicine thinks, ability is protected outside be being moved inside thoroughly relaxed. The woman should hear some of slow music more, make food of athletic sports; more at ordinary times, eat less tall adiposeHigh feverThe food of the quantity, eat the delicate food such as some of tomato, watermelon, cucumber, soja, vegetable more. Airframe can increase to come external below good humor, reasonable prandial construction the resistance of bacterium, virus, reduce the happening of infection and disease.

(the exercitation edits: Jiang Yan)

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