Female fitness is harmed 5 kinds carefully

Female fitness is harmed 5 kinds carefully

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A lot of females have this experience, take exercise in what had a paragraph of period namely later, always feel the certain place of the body often aches, issue abdomen, articulatory, back for instance, etc.

Professional personage points out, the female’s peculiar physiology structure and physiology are periodic, how should abigail sex avoid motion to hurt the issue that perplexes a female for a long time for after all. To this, professional personage went out according to particular case summary the following at 5 o’clock:

1. VulvaTraumatic

If be in the activity inadvertent, make the cushion of the vulva and bicycle, beam or other good thing barge against, so haematoma of very incidental vulva, serious person return meeting injury to reach urethral with the vagina, even pelvic cavity. This should cause the attention of young girl especially, the protection of the oversight in because they often are in,moving to him body.

2. Menstruation is unusual

Foreign expert is investigated, pursue the girl of greater fortune momentum, menstruation is unusual person hold quite large proportion, much performance is menstrual menarche defer, cycle irregular, Afterwards sends sexual amenorrhoeaEtc, and carry momentum heals big menarche age is later. Because intense games controls function of brain issueing grave,its reason basically is, cause internal system function unusual, affect the normal level of the sex hormone inside body, disturbed the formation of normal period and cycle thereby.

3. Ovarian burst

Acuteness activity, snatch weighs content, abdominal extruding, collision to wait to be able to cause ovarian rupture, give now abdomen to ache thereby, affect even complete abdomen. Ovarian burst happens in menstrual cycle commonly 10-18 day, among them the corpus luteum of 80% or corpus luteumCystBurst, celiac puncture has blood.

4. Different of the film inside the uterus disease

Period is acuteness motion makes classics blood enters pelvic cavity upstream from uterine antrum likely, along with the film inside the uterus that flows inside classics blood drossy cultivate likely in ovarian on, form cyst. GotDifferent of the film inside the uterusAfter disease, the patient often appears of aggravate of advance gradually sexDysmenorrhoea, often still cause infecund.


5. Uterine prolapse

The woman does excess load exercise, especially the training such as weight lifting can make celiac pressing increases, cause uterine provisionality to drop, but won’t appearUterine prolapse. If long-term excess load moves, can produce uterine prolapse. Somebody experiments, the woman with uterine normal position loads 20 kilograms when, palace neck position loads without apparent change; 40 kilograms when, palace neck is down shift with respect to apparent ground.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

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