Female period not regular little movement

The female undergraduate athlete to association of American college sports undertook the researcher of university of American st. louis investigate, the doctor of gold of mark · thunder that is in charge of this research says: “I want to know two people accept identical training, why to have a person only meeting leg is painful. Why to have a person only meeting leg is painful..

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Findings shows, of 3/4 suffer inquirer to had had a leg painful history, especially the female of;26% of player of cross-country race pace has had the experience with painful leg in period, and they had appeared before this kind of symptom. The result returns discovery, mix without the ruleLow heatThe dietary habit of the quantity can make them easier get hurt, if produce stress sexFracture.


Thunder gold doctor expresses, be aimed at a leg painful, the remedial method in the past is to decrease to move or change different sneaker, but this did not alleviate truly aching. Food became the mainest factor it seems that. Consider to discover, female food not the rule, includeEat and drink too muchAndAnorexia, or quantity of heat absorbs inadequacy, period can be deferred, inside bodyEstrogenThe level also can be reduced, and estrogen level is having crucial effect to skeletal development.

This research reminds a woman, if want to carry bodily form through be on a diet, when moving, must take care so, do not get hurt accordingly if; is the woman that likes sport, best the quantity of heat that can make sure prep above of absorbed quantity of heat is used up. In addition, period not the rule when, also had better reduce carry momentum.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

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