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Filling iron enrichs the blood effeminate blood is enough ability health is beautiful

2016-09-22 11:45:08

Filling iron enrichs the blood, I think this should compare understanding to female friend, there are a lot of metropolises to appear among female friend the circumstance with insufficient blood of a few gas

Filling iron enrichs the blood

Because place of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of every menstruation blood is brought about,the main reason that the female is short of blood easily is, it is very important that so female friend filling iron enrichs the blood, there is period, pregnancy in female lifetime, produce period, wait different level a moment, how to enrich the blood assure healthy it is very crucial.

Oar of black soya bean

Raw material: Black soya bean 200 grams, clear water 800 grams, candy a few.

Practice: black soya bean abluent, with 50 degrees Wen Shui, immerse after 1 night, mix black soya bean immerse the water of black soya bean enters mixer together, agitate hits about 2 minutes to break black soya bean into pieces adequately. Use escape unpunished to filter soya-bean milk in the bowl, reservation residue from bean after making soya-bean milk reserves, use soya-bean milk escape unpunished to filter in boiler again. Conflagration heats soya-bean milk involves fire to boiling hind, transfer into candy agitate melts can.

The egg fries carrot

Raw material: Carrot, egg, salad oil, salt, shallot, white sugar.

Practice: Shallot cuts end. Egg knock enters a bowl in, join chopped green onion and white sugar of 1 small spoon, break up (bit of candy is added to be able to let an egg fry when making egg juice come out more fleeciness) . Carrot flay cuts into shreds. Oil is put in boiler, egg fluid falls after oily heat, with break up fry finalize the design to the egg, fill piece reserve. Right amount oil pours in boiler, carrot silk falls after oily heat, fry 34 minutes, to carrot silk molten. Add parched egg, add right amount salt to break up fry even, some of chopped green onion is scattered when giving boiler can.

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