Congee of medicine of polished glutinous rice treats naevus to defend the world of naevus _ cate

Congee of medicine of polished glutinous rice treats naevus to prevent naevus

2012-02-07 14:22:13

If often apply the method of dietotherapy to have treatment, can drop sometimes symptom, cure even. Dietotherapy of congee of a few medicine introduces below square.

The pagoda tree spends congee of polished glutinous rice: The pagoda tree spends 10 grams, polished glutinous rice 50 grams. First decoct pagoda tree costs broken bits takes juice, with medical juice the polished glutinous rice that boil becomes congee, add white sugar a few to flavor. Daily 1,

Spinach congee: The fresh spinach that connect a root 150 grams, rice 100 grams. Abluent spinach, with the hand lacerate, enter earthenware pot together with rice inside, add water 800 milliliter, boil rot to rice congee is stiff, cease-fire goes building, take suddenly when daily time eat. Can treat n/med having blood in one’s stool reach defecate acerbity sluggish to be illogical.

Agaric congee: Tremella or black agaric all but, take 50 grams to immerse several hours with clear water. Take 50 grams polished glutinous rice, abluent hind mixture agaric enters boiler, add saccharic and right amount, add water again 400 milliliter, use slow fire to boil to rice sodden congee is stiff, again frowsty 5 ~ 7 minutes, daily morning rises hollow, tepid feed. Can treat defecate dry and hard, n/med having blood in one’s stool, the disease such as haemorrhoid. Old young all appropriate, but pregnant woman is unfavorable.

Congee of donkey-hide gelatin polished glutinous rice: Donkey-hide gelatin 30 grams, polished glutinous rice 100 grams, brown sugar 50 grams. Boil congee of polished glutinous rice first, will ripe join donkey-hide gelatin, brown sugar, the edge boils edge agitate divide evenly. Everyday 1, take 3 ~ 5 days repeatedly. Treat haemorrhoid haemorrhage.

Congee of mulberry polished glutinous rice: Mulberry 30 grams, polished glutinous rice 100 grams, rock candy 20 grams. First decoct mulberry goes broken bits takes juice, polished glutinous rice of Bao of the juice that use drug becomes congee, add rock candy to be boiled a bit dissolve can. Everyday 2 hollow edible. Take 5 ~ 7 days repeatedly.

Congee of medicine of polished glutinous rice treats naevus to prevent naevus

Yam congee: Fresh yam 250 grams are mincing, rice 200 grams, white sugar is right amount, add water 2000 milliliter, boil congee. Morning and evening is tepid take suddenly, can treat n/med having blood in his stool to written guarantee with defecate secret.

Fig congee

Fig congee: Rice 50 grams, add water 450 milliliter, conflagration boils congee, wait for when congee will be ripe, join fig white 20 grams, convert slow fire boils moment a bit can. Daily time eat is tepid take feed, 5 ~ are a period of treatment 7 days. Use at treating haemorrhoid gall and haemorrhoid haemorrhage to wait.

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