The summer discharges poisonous preserve one’s health to Ko the world of cate of beautiful enemy _

The summer discharges poisonous preserve one’s health to Ko beautiful enemy

2012-02-07 14:25:12

The summer discharges poisonous preserve one’s health to Ko beautiful enemy

Every time respecting discharges poison, we can react those who come over is to raise Yan Yangsheng. Indeed, to our body, total meeting has a few litter to stay inside body character cannot by is commonly used channel (excrete, sudoriferous etc) eduction, need us to grow each in more attentions in daily life so method of unripe health care, use all sorts of means such as bath of bath of motion, bubble, forest to promote the body to discharge poison, ability assures healthy.

The summer discharges poisonous preserve one's health to Ko beautiful enemy

Platoon poison is raised colour

Toxin this word is very wonderful, go up from western medicine theory in light of, do not have this
The medical word of appearance; But will look from the meaning, toxin points to after should be metabolism cannot the trash of successful eduction, accumulate for a long time inside body, affect healthy material then. And the idea that there is a poison, relieve internal heat or fever all the time in theory of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, meeting ranginging from… to… causes the body the reason such as dark and gloomy of constipation of unwell, oedema, color, can regard the phenomenon after toxin is accumulated as.

The summer discharges poisonous preserve one's health to Ko beautiful enemy

Of toxin accumulate

Along with write solar term to move, the body also can accumulate toxin with different type, the doctor expresses, the body when climate is chilly experiences open stored heat to measure a function, add metabolism to become slow, the ability of trash eduction becomes poor, fat, skin is dark down-turn of heavy, body and mind, it is the expressional manner of toxin. The generation of toxin besides concern with season, the behavior opinion of oneself, also can affect the rate that toxin accumulates. Basically OK from the following 3 levels will analyse:

1, the toxin that food produces: The food of disequilibrium is used to, cause certain scrap heap easily to accumulate, come down for long to let healthy unbalance; And the preference has the person in the makings of high temperature cook such as deepfry, barbecue, too much adipose accumulation is inside body, not only fat the upper part of the body, the disease also can appear even cholesterol, heart and vessels slowly.  

2, the toxin that behavior produces: Basically can drop the action that blood of metabolic, slow down circulates, it is easy and toxic behavior. If stay up late, not motion, wine love smoke, can let body and mind become arrearage, can increase toxin to accumulate the machine rate inside body.

3, the toxin that the mood produces: The poison of pressure, mood is accumulated at aeriform, stronger to healthy power, impossible to defend effectively. Generally speaking, easy insecurity, fretted, mood low, pressure is great, do not know loosened person, easy generation oxide is qualitative inside body, come down for a long time not only in advance ageing, health also can be damaged.

The summer discharges poisonous preserve one's health to Ko beautiful enemy

Two big poisonous direction

Two big poisonous direction let the body become lightsome, more magical quiet gas feel well

Discharging poison to sound is a big project, the behavior that can achieve the result that discharge poison in fact is very simple, want you to seek pair of way only, accumulate correct petty action, can exclude toxin, waste material smoothly, let body and mind become lightsome.

Raise metabolism, exclude the waste material inside body quickly

Comply with nature rhythm, spring suits get rid of the old to make way for the new most, also be the opportunity that suits courage to discharge poison most. Give priority to in order to enhance body metabolism power, quicken the trash of corner eduction, you can use the following methods, relaxed platoon is poisonous.

1, foot of bubble bath, bubble, have steam bath: High temperature of by means of promotes temperature, can drive haemal circulation, let metabolism ameliorate, the toxin trash inside body also can eduction of sweat of by means of, foot of bubble bath, bubble, or it is to undertake steam sauna, it is the gentlest, the easiest way that discharge poison. Think the trash inside active eduction body, can every day bubble bath, the high temperature that the body immerses to be controlled in 41 ℃ , discharge sweat in order to oppose the kind that Fu enters bath in great quantities, the person that does not have bath crock can choose bubble foot; And the sauna that uses high temperature steam to discharge sweat quickly, besides eduction toxin, still can loosen muscle, remove effectively exhaustion of body and mind.

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