The world of cate of _ of filling calcium of health of 12 food law

Filling calcium of health of 12 food law

2012-02-07 14:11:15

We should eat all legume food more, be like bean, beautiful beans, Yun Dou and chick-pea. Their great majority contains the calcium with considerable amount to pledge.

The child does not love to drink milk to be not troubled, they still can get from inside other provision enough calcium pledges. Be content of 12 kinds of calcium in raising child food below is effective and healthy method.

Filling calcium of health of 12 food law

1, chocolate and strawberry milk.

If the child is not willing to drink pure milk of white, you can add other olfactory milk to him, although these milk are a few more than general milk caloric, but their calcic content is identical.

2, yoghurt.

A lot of flavour and sort can offer an alternative, have fill the yoghurt in the cup, also have it is OK in tube to pack the yoghurt of absorb; There always is a kind of child that is you to be able to like inside this.

3, cheese.

All phyletic cheese contain a lot ofcalcium to pledge, choose those containing 2% adipose or low adipose sort in order to decrease completely adipose absorb adiposely with saturation.

4, soft cheese.

Eat together in the fruit that can eat to also can be mixed in the child to like most alone.

5, juice of the orange that contain calcium.

8 ounce (about 226 grams) the calcium that orange juice place contains (300 milligram) the calcic content in be equivalent to a cup of milk.

6, broccoli and bottle green have foliaceous vegetable.

Try different greenery course, like Qing of leaf of wild cabbage of spinach, plumage, overgrown with weeds wild cabbage and; of leaf mustardleaf mustard try canned, fresh, refrigerant etc different sort and add bovine oil to flavor.

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