Common fruit governs the world of cate of male disease _ opportunely

Common fruit treats male disease opportunely

2012-02-07 14:03:14

The expert reminds, a few goes to the lavatory to be gotten easily fruits in living actually also reach uric road to treating male sexual dysfunction the male division disease such as infection is helpful.

Papaya Papaya 250 grams, 1000 grams are put after section rice wine or low in spending liquor, immerse two week hind are enabled, every time drinkable 15 milliliter, daily two, take two weeks repeatedly, can treat kidney empty gentle to see obstacle of male physiology function.

Lotus seed Take fresh lotus seed 15 grams, water simmer in water is taken, along with lotus seed is taken together, wipe wet dream overmuch, desirable also and fresh lotus seed 10 grams () of the heart that take lotus, put after the evaporate on the meal is ripe to chew take, daily two, take two days repeatedly.

Litchi With litchi nucleus 15 reach 20, water simmer in water is added to take after breaking into pieces, can treat spermary gall.

Grape Take fresh grape 250 grams, after pound of flay, nucleus, add drink of right amount warm boiled water to take, daily come twice, take two weeks repeatedly, can treat prostatitis and pass water short bare is acerbity painful.

Yangtao Fresh yangtao 50 grams, pound adds warm boiled water 250 milliliter () of about 1 teacup, smooth hind drink is taken, the pee after can treating prostatitis is acerbity painful.

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