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Action of 6 food secretary teachs you postpartum prevent consenescence

2017-04-09 13:08:27

After new mother gives birth to the child, the body can appear a series of change, the afraidest is aged problem. So, how to prevent this one change on food?

1. should assure to absorb enough calcium
Lactation mom should assure to absorb enough calcium, with satisfying Mu Ying the physiology of 2 people needs, otherwise, the likelihood causes lumbar sick at heart the leg is painful, the growth that measures insufficient influence baby possibly still because of the calcium in milk the lactation below the situation that development; measures inadequacy in oneself calcium, make the calcic quantity inside lactation mom body is used up possibly still overmuch, create the problem such as osteoporosis.

2. compensatory moisture content is very serious
For instance postpartum and original a few days you often can feel thirsty, appetite not beautiful, because the hydrochloric acid in your gastric juice is secreted,this is decrease, abate; skin excretes the flesh tension that gastric bowel and peristaltic ability the function becomes very exuberant, special love perspires the job that; still added to give the child nurse. It is particularly important that because this is among confinement,compensatory and many water is divided. Fruit juice, milk, soup is very good choice.

3. did not forget right amount and compensatory salt
Someone says new mother cannot have salt in confinement, so a bit salt in meal, soup also is not put. In fact, do a meeting to be just the opposite to what one wished so, right amount salt is very good part to new mother. As a result of postpartum perspire more, mammary gland is secreted exuberant, the salt inside body is broken very easily as sweat current, because this is right amount,ground complement salinity conduces to those who produce rear body power restoring.

4. is not carried feed than ” fill greatly ” more important
Look from nutrient angle, postpartum new mother needs kilocalorie of 2700-2800 of quantity of heat about everyday, because this is new,drink appetite of mom should be compared roughly before be pregnant, increase 30% the left and right sides had better. No matter you are postpartum how busy, also want to have a meal on time, grain of degree of finish is tie-in, what cookbook also needs to consider nutrition is balanced, element wanting meat or fish is tie-in, diversification, do not carry as far as possible feed, impartiality is fed. Need not so called ” fill greatly ” , want food only it is OK that reasonable, balance, nutrition is abounded.

5. eats more contain colloid food
The course is borne, add natural consenescence, the skin is very natural physiology phenomenon flabbily. During lactation, the nutrition inside body is used up bigger, some mom if carelessly nutrition is compensatory, even complexion also can become very ugly. At this moment, should eat more some contain colloid food, for instance soup of pig hoof, bone, the collagen albumen that needs with compensatory skin place.

6. eats acidity food less
Lactation, a lot of people think to want to be nursed to the child, him need fills greatly first, eat big meat of a lot of big fish everyday consequently. Acidity food overfeeding, meet what affect the body greatly digest function, easy also get angry. Internal heat flourishing, add added darling to also add a lot of housework, hard to avoid is met mood be agitated, get angry easily. Eat delicate food more, drink water more, experienced Lian Yuga can adjust the mood.

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