Summer suits to drink most not be gram soup unexpectedly, the platoon that it just is the summer is wet the king ~ that raises blood

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  • Summer arrived, gram soup Qing Dynasty heats up solution heat, a lot of people love to drink, but do not know gram boiling water only oh ~SummerMore when tea of the jujube that drink ginger is best, drink it not onlyBe good at stomach, discharge wet, drive cold, still can raise …… of blood, filling gas

    Summer suits to drink most not be gram soup unexpectedly, the platoon that it just is the summer is wet the king ~ that raises blood

      Jiang Zaocha discharges cold filling this world, summer suits most

    The person passes an a winter, spring, the accumulative ill vital energy inside body will be more. Summer is burning hot, human body Cou (sound with collect) manage is open, in relief gas is empty inside body.

    Drink a cup of Jiang Zaocha right now, already can the empty of in relief gas inside complement with Wen Zhong, can aid diverge of in relief gas again in order to discharge cold. Accord with fitly " the classics inside Huang Di " the tenet that “ Chun Xia raises in relief ” .

    The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, ginger has dispel the wind to come loose cold, lukewarm stomach stops the effect of vomit, enrage to this world especially relatively of empty inOld peopleWith Gong Han cold-bloodedFemaleHave very good recuperation effect.

    Red jujube is had be good at lienal, raise the blood, effect that calm the nerves, still can fight liver of allergic, protection, it is the health care that occupy the home commonly usedFeed capable person.

    And medlar, in " a book on Chinese medicine just looked " intermediary carry on arrives “ is long take firm bones and muscles, light body is not old, cold-resistant heat ” . Contemporary pharmacodynamics considers to make clear, medlar can adjust airframe immunity function, restrain tumor effectively to grow with cellular mutation, defer consenescence, fight fatty liver, adjust hematic fat blood sugar is waited a moment.

       1, the person that fits cold cool constitution particularly

    The biggest characteristic is afraid of this kind of person all the year round namely cold, it is cool that hand and foot are felt, some places will be easy on the body painful, for instance leg or abdomen will be painful, and it is cold painful, those who feel icy and icy the sort of.

       2, drink in the morning, not suffer from excessive internal heat

    Ginger is to suit what eat midday to be mixed in the morning, mix afternoon do not suit to drink ginger tea in the evening. A lot of people are afraid that it is easy to drink Jiang Zaocha suffer from excessive internal heat, should be being drunk in the morning only actually is won’t.

       3, not the person with cold body, this season also can be drunk

    If not be Xu Han, especially the person that Qiu Dong season holds easy suffer from excessive internal heat, had better not drink Jiang Zaocha every day all the year round. But in this season, not the person with cold body also can be drunk. Summertime person body is outside the condition of the empty inside heat, this moment is drunk, can fill inside empty.

       4, the person that often blows air conditioning must be drunk

    The summer is to come loose originally hot season, air conditioning whiff, what heat came loose not to go out, this moment, drink a cup of Jiang Zaocha everyday, OK and sudoriferous induce sweat, the leg of neck shoulder waist that because often blow air conditioning to cause,still can help precaution is waited a moment sorely.

       The summer suits to drink Jiang Zaocha most

    Material: Ginger, red jujube, medlar.

    Practice one: Red jujube of tea of jujube of the ginger that boil is broken, Jiang Pian adds the pot below cold water together, medium baking temperature turns to be boiled again 10 minutes after be being boiled above, it is better to be boiled a little while more, medlar is put in the cup, poured the tea that has cooked into the cup to be able to be drunk next.

    Practice 2: Tea of bubble ginger jujube does not have the friend that time boils to be able to use the method of make tea do Jiang Zaocha:

    Cut ginger in the morning chip, in putting vacuum cup, add the red jujube that breaks, join right amount medlar, develop bubble with boiling water, much boil in a covered pot over a slow fire of the cap on the lid a little while. Can develop bubble a few times repeatedly.

    Practice 3: When congee of jujube of the ginger that boil boils ginger jujube congee, the ginger that take a skin does not want section, pat with kitchen knife however flat. Big jujube is broken. When boiling congee every morning, put in the ready ginger that take a skin and big jujube accordinglyCongeeBoil together, the time that boil should grow a bit, medlar is put when giving boiler.


    Ginger does not want flay, the weight of ginger is not little, boil the water that come out to drink rise should a bit hot when hot; medlar is wanting to give boiler put finally, the nutrient; that saves it for the sake of the oldest rate should use big jujube on select material, because only big jujube just has the effect with warm body cold drive.

    Boil (bubble) after be over, also can go to a few honey are added inside Jiang Zaocha, have very good embellish lung effect, but should when honey is added again when Jiang Zaocha is lukewarm.

    Body is cold be afraid of cold, can add a few Chinese prickly ash, cook tea of jujube of ginger of Chinese prickly ash, dispel is cold wet result is stronger.

    The person that fits cold weight in wet base of the part of the body cavity below the umbilicus is drunk, female palace is cold (leucorrhoea is much and clear rare, dysmenorrhoea) , male kidney is cold, still have the person of Xu Han of intestines and stomach, chronic diarrhoea, can tipple.

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