Summer drinks what tea to be able to fall fire

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  • What tea does summer drink to you can fall fire? Summer is burning hot, the person issues the easiest get angry in hot and dry environment, anger is great, so summer cool tea is good helper, heat of disappear of reduce internal heat, so what tea does summer drink to fall fire? Network of cate of preserve one’s health is small make up recommend 16 kinds to suit the summer to fall drinkably igneous tea, you might as well will see them what have.

    Summer drinks what tea to be able to fall fire

     What tea does summer drink to fall fire?

       1, chrysanthemum tea

    Chrysanthemum tea has the effect of clear hot reduce internal heat, acerbity to improvement, eye very helpful. In the meantime, it is returned can bright eye, ambiguous to treating eyestrain, eyesight result is right also. With chrysanthemum 10 grams, medlar 5 grams, put boiler to add water decoction to become tea together. Suit exuberant, occurrence dizziness head goes up, tinnitus, eye is painful etc the symptom is drinkable.

       2, green tea

    Green tea flavour suffers from a gender slightly cold, have pass the time in a leisurely way heat of hot, disappear, alexipharmic, reduce internal heat, fall dry, stop thirsty, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, the function with strong life-giving heart. Nevertheless, green tea slants slightly cold sex, weakling cannot many and drinkable, lest the injury reachs taste.

       3, disappear heat raises shade tea

    Take medlar, the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine each 12g, licorice 9g, abluent hind water is added in putting bowl, boil adds field mint 9g after ten minutes, build from fire, divide evenly of agitate of right amount white sugar is added after 5 minutes, can drinkable. Gas of this tea beneficial raises shade, treat the heat inside heatstroke.

       4, balsam pear tea

    Take balsam pear, abluent, coping incision goes flesh, replete green tea, try to build (usable toothpick) , pensile at ventilated place dry in the shade, connect balsam pear again tea together mincing, take every time make an appointment with 5~10 gram, develop bubble with boiling water again and again drinkable. Tea of constant drink balsam pear can wipe summer mouth dry, , the disease such as Huang Chi. But person with pregnant woman careful with.

       5, 3 beautiful cool and refreshing tea

    This medicine tea spends composition by 3 kinds, it is Hang Baiju, mother chrysanthemum and honeysuckle respectively, these raw material can be bought in the supermarket. This medicine tea has clear hot detoxify, smooth liver bright purpose effect, appropriate female is drinkable.

       6, tea of cogongrass root wax gourd

    Mao Gen 20 grams, wax gourd 50 grams, rock candy is right amount. Reach Mao Gen wax gourd is abluent, wax gourd section or strip, join decoction of right amount clear water, right amount rock candy is joined to flavor after the slow fire after water leaves boils 20 minutes can drinkable. Mao Gen has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, diuretic action, the effect of heat of wet solution of dispel of water of the clear hot detoxify that cooperates wax gourd, benefit, supplement each other, often use at treating summerly heat to suffer heatstroke, pee is adverse, hot sex irritated thirsty.

       7, honeysuckle tea drink

    Honeysuckle bubble is washed, hawkthorn is abluent and mincing, chrysanthemum is cleaned out clean, put bowl inside, infuse clear water, burn boil with slow fire, boil 30 minutes about, drop gives medical juice. Filter with gauze go broken bits is cooling, finally honey slowly be used as medicine inside juice, mix divide evenly. Honeysuckle tea has clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid the curative effect of moisten the respiratory tract.

       8, watermelon skin cool tea

    Raw material is very simple, for watermelon cortical, white sugar. watermelon one that of cortical green is used rise, abluent hind mincing go broken bits takes juice, rejoin a few white sugar mix are even can, have the effect of detoxify of dispel heat diuresis.

       9, Xian Ouliang tea

    Bright lotus root 75 grams, abluent cut piece, add water to be boiled with slow fire. Wait for the water inside boiler to remain 23, put right amount white sugar, after refrigeration can drinkable. This cool tea has reduce internal heat to change the effect of silt, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood, fit summertime fact hot constitution and taste unwell patient are drinkable.

       10, tea of lotus seed heart

    1-2 of lotus seed heart is overcome, put into water cup, develop bubble with boiling water, 5-10 after minute OK and drinkable. Lotus seed heart has clear heart, dispel hot, hemostatic wait for a function, can treat the disease such as gall of bare of be perturbed, thirsty, eye, this clear fire tea but clear internal heat, divide irritated heat, .

       11, the tea that suffer from man

    The beautiful of beverage of pure natural health protection that the tea that suffer from man is a kind of tradition of our country is tasted, have heat of clear hot need, bright eye beneficial wisdom, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop to wait for effect yearningly. Faint scent of tea of finished product of the tea that suffer from man has alcohol of pleasant of acrid, mouthfeel,

       12, mint cool tea

    Take field mint leaf, licorice root each 6 grams, add water 1000 milliliter left and right sides, boil after 5 minutes, put divide evenly of white sugar agitate, have life-giving wake cerebral effect.

    What tea does summer drink to fall fire? Still also have a few tea fall igneous effect, below small make up continue to introduce for you.

       13, chrysanthemum silver-colored tea

    Jiang Baiju spends 6 grams, bluish dogbane 4 grams, definitely pine torch 2 grams, pagoda tree rice 2 grams, honeysuckle 2 grams. Put into boiler inside, enter clear water, with conflagration boil 8 ~ 10 minutes, can drinkable. But disappear heat, clear hot platoon is poisonous, fall fat.

       14, cool tea of dried tangerine or orange peel

    Skin of will dry tangerine 10 grams are abluent, rip small, put into the teacup, with boiled water irruptive, lid of the cup on the lid is controlled 10 minutes frowzily, go next broken bits, put a few white sugar. A bit cool hind, it is better to put the iced in freezer. Constant drink this tea, already can disappear heat can relieve a cough again, , be good at stomach.

       15, mulberry chrysanthemum tea

    Spend Sang Xie, Bai Ju each 10 grams, 3 grams put licorice into boiler to be boiled a bit, go next broken bits leaf, join a few white sugar, mulberry chrysanthemum tea is made. Constant drink tea of chrysanthemum of this kind of mulberry, can come loose hot wet one’s whistle, clear liver bright eye, certain to also having curative effect.

       16, tea of green bamboo snake

    Green bamboo snake is in ” detailed outline of a book on Chinese medicine ” have account early its are the beautiful with clear hot weather, wet dispel is tasted. Olivine of soup of tea of green bamboo snake is bright, its flavour faint scent is goluptious, bright of fresh and tender alcohol, take Li Xiang, have promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop hot detoxify of thirsty, disappear, expectorant effect.

       Fall fire drinks cool tea, what should notice?

    Actually, cool tea suits to heat up the crowd of sexual constitution quite, and the crowd of constitution of Xu Han sex should drink cool tea less, meet otherwise ” of “ one disaster after another, make human body this world angry loss, function of internal organs of the body drops, adverse and healthy.

    There are a lot of kinds commonly usedly in cool tea, but its specific aim is different also. For instance can subsidence of a swelling comes loose Yu, apply to headache beard of calorific; corn, Zhu Xie can go wet solution heat, apply to pee adverse; big Qing Xie can heat up cool blood; with Qing Dynasty definitely pine torch, mint is OK lotus leaf of clear hot aperient; can see hot weather, fall fat step-down.

    Besides these Chinese traditional medicine, the medicinal material of cool sex and cold sex still has a lot of, the symptom of suffer from excessive internal heat also has distinction, expression gives birth to sore for buccal doing, talking around or, voice gall, what need medicaments to differ somewhat, for instance chrysanthemum and honeysuckle Qing Dynasty heat up alexipharmic diminish inflammation, apply to infection of the upper respiratory tract, if the symptom is serious and best,proper remedy chooses below the doctor’s proposal.

    Cool tea of Chinese traditional medicine is medicaments after all unsuited drink everyday, take continuously had better not exceed 3 days, take time to grow to hurt a stomach easily too, appear, the harmful response such as have a poor appetite, have loose bowels. If the summer solves heat to be used for a long time, drug of best choice eats the stuff that is the same as a source, for instance gram tea, right amount perhaps drink a few green tea to wait.

    The expert reminds say, the crude drug that uses as a result of cool tea is flower or leaf more, decoction and bubble water are so OK, although decoction does not exceed 3~4 minute, active ingredient can volatilize if time is again long. At the same time she also puts forward, water is warm insufficient bad also, had better be boiling water strong bubble. Cool tea does not exceed 3 times to bubble frequency, allow easy metamorphism otherwise.

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