The food of element of 9 kinds of cyanine has a good color, cyanine element food

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  • The food of element of 9 kinds of cyanine has a good color, cyanine element food

    General situation: More and more people pay attention to preserve one’s health now, especiallyDietary preserve one’s healthIt is to get more of people take seriously, have a few things at the same time can healthy this is much more convenient

      Cyanine element brief introduction:

    More and more people pay attention to preserve one’s health now, especially dietary preserve one’s health is to get more of people take seriously, have a few things at the same time can healthy this is much more convenient. Cyanine element is the nutrient material that to us the body is having tremendous effect one kind, but does everybody know what cyanine element is, what does the action of cyanine element have again, what food is those who contain cyanine element? Below by net of cate of preserve one’s health small make up everybody to make an introduction.

    Knew to cyanine element the person is very few, unless be a few experts and the person that pay attention to preserve one’s health, it is one kind is put in a lot ofVegetables and fruitsMedium nurture is qualitative, to us human body is exceedingly good, action is very big. We understand together below fall.

       What is cyanine element

    Cyanine element is pigment of a kind of water-solubility, the food that has it can present the purple with a deep shallow depth or red. Because cyanine element is OK,change color as the soda acid of cellular fluid. Cellular fluid shows acidity to slant red, cellular fluid is shown alkalescent slant blue.

       The action of cyanine element

    Cyanine element is in Europe, the skin of profess to convinced of the ” that be calledMake upTaste ” , the shift to an ealier time that can avoid skin furrow is generated, it not only the shift to an ealier time that can avoid skin furrow is generated, can complement more nutrition and eliminate the harmful freedom inside body base.

    In the meantime, when cyanine element still can improve us, rise to enhance immune power, precaution and cure a variety ofCancer, a lot of action such as counteractive radiate.

    Go to new York from Australia, from each big institute develops business to medicines and chemical reagents, arrive from epicure nutrient division, “This vocabulary is in cyanine element ” to be relapsed to mention, because cyanine element fights old capacity,the reason is powerful, however cannot by sufficient extract, the much that at present we need can have reasonable complement through food only. The net is a cate of article preserve one’s health your collect is all and worth while the cyanine element that tastes is niceFeed capable person, returned summary to go out newest the most effective have a way.

       The food of element of 9 kinds of cyanine has a good color

    Element of clever and compensatory cyanine, help you defy freedom radical enroach on, by inside and outside fight oxidation, for beautiful render, just do not give you embellish beautiful good skin, still have figure of become reconciled of good eyesight, good Morpheus!

       Aubergine, reduce cholesterol

      AubergineLeather purple originates cyanine element and its candy glucoside, take a skin to eat aubergine to be able to make cyanine element is able to save. Aubergine still contains a lot ofvitamin P, this kind of material can escalate the sticky put forth effort between human body cell, enhance the flexibility of blood capillary, the brittleness of bring down blood capillary and osmotic, prevent capillary burst haemorrhage, make the heart and vessels maintains normal function.

    Say so, we need to often eat a few aubergine, aubergine can absorb the former cyanine element in the skin not only, return the effect that can have to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.

    Aubergine sex is cold, The summerEat conduce to clear hot detoxify. Long aubergine and round aubergine place contain nutrient material likeness, but cyanine element basically distributings to go up in peel, the content of element of long aubergine cyanine with area accordingly larger percentage of the skin is higher.

       Violet potato, enhance immune power

    Violet potato provides ” of ” temptation sex inherently more than yam and sweet potato, because it has taller selenium element and cyanine element content. Violet potato contains a lot of cyanine element, still have rich mineral Selenium and mineral iron, can help a woman enrich the blood, often eat can enhance immune force and memory.

    Violet potato still contains many prandial fiber, eat on one small to be able to produce very strong full abdomen sense, quantity of heat is very low also, also apply to times reducing weight to replace staple food accordingly.

    Will violet potato is direct evaporate is ripe, congee perhaps is boiled after stripping and slicing, it is pretty good have a way. Taiwan is fastfood medium ” taro round ” , useful also violet potato makes. Mud is ground after evaporate of will violet potato is ripe, deserve to go up again starch of certain proportional Thailand mixes even hind rub is become than longan slightly small ball, the burden such as condensed milk, ormosia is added after thoroughlying cook, it is a bowl of happiness healthy sweetmeats.

       Violet wild cabbage, naturalReduce weightEat

    Bring Ni of great capacity osmund of a twenty-five-stringed plucked instrument announces him the recipe of thin body is ” after eating ” of salad of many violet wild cabbage raw, violet wild cabbage is natural simply the pronoun of eat reducing weight, it contains a lot ofcyanine element and of all kinds vitamin and mineral, cellulose does not have more say.

    Cyanine element is had fight oxidation very well, it is pure fight anile nutrition replenishers naturally, very beneficial also to hypertensive patient. Want thin body to not be short of nutrition quickly again, eat violet wild cabbage more absolutely won’t wrong.

    Violet wild cabbage eats flavour raw best, nutrient reservation is more comprehensive also. Having a way commonly is cut violet wild cabbage into filament, add juice of a few vinegar or the salad before eat of make it of Italian salad juice, pimiento and apple are added after also can cutting small piece mix assorted salad.

       Purple onion, the blood that lets you is younger

    Onion is the commonnest have 3 kinds: Heart of red Pi Bai, wampee white heart and purple onion. Though content of element of purple onion cyanine is not the richest, have very good buildup however the action of cellular vigor.

    Onion is the food that contains prostate element A, can outspread blood-vessel, reduce haemal viscosity, fall blood-vessel of the blood pressure, week outside can decreasing and the hematic flow that increase coronary artery, have precautionary thrombosis effect. Selenium element deserves to go up cyanine element, can promote sodium salt to excrete, age blood restores youthful appearance.

    Of onion eat a law to have a lot of, besides can serve as the course that stew also can be joined outside distributing food or in meaning side, can regard boiler of ” boil in water for a while as makings ” even.

       Black mulberry, palace fights old secret recipe

    Small sweet juicily mulberry, from Tang Chao had been cordial of palace for use of an emperor, because contain rich cyanine element among them,bring namely combat oxidation effect. Black mulberry besides contain rich cyanine element beyond, still contain alcohol of rich active vitamin, amino acid, white black false bellebore to wait for composition.

    The nutrition that eats 5 black mulberry to absorb was equivalent to eating the apple of a moderate volume. Often eat black mulberry to be able to enhance power of human body immunity, have the effect that delays consenescence.

    The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks mulberry flavour pleasant is acerbity, can edible but officinal. Mulberry enrichs the blood method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood,

    Because mulberry sex is small cold, eat much the case that can have diarrhoea appears, the person with bad intestines and stomach does not eat more.

       CherryTomato, have a good circulation

    United States some university helped advance somebody’s career successfully 2007 the amaranth cherry tomato that went out to contain a lot ofred element of cyanine element and eggplant. Eggplant red element can help cellular rehabilitate effectively, promote hemal diastole and reduce blood pressure, reach its to be in benignantly to the heart. Besides precautionary heart disease, cherry tomato can improve hands or feet the symptom such as icy, varicosity.

    The cherry tomato after thoroughlying cook fights oxidation composition to be able to get bigger play, and the protection because of organic acid, won’t because of thoroughly cook and cause nutrition to be short of break. Summer is acuteness perhaps after motion, can drink a cup of tomato to add a few candy and the boiling water of the salt that boil, can prevent heatstroke and dehydrate effectively.

       La Mei, the food of optimal cyanine element

    La Mei is the empress of be worthy of of cyanine element kingdom, be had confirmed contain the fruit with cyanine most element. A large number of exceeding is contained a lot ofto fight element of oxide ——OPC cyanine in La Mei, often eat can let you bright, skin sends the eye closely.

    The blue-black pigment in La Mei contains the chemical element that can promote blood to flow into cerebrum, have the effect of compensatory brains vigor.

    Very much cookbook reducing weight also begins the figure of occurrence La Mei. Because blue berry itself is low caloric food,this is, and contain rich fruit acid, can reduce blood in adipose, improve splanchnic and adipose content. Eat 10-15 every morning La Mei conduces to a help thin below half body.

       Strawberry, beautiful Bai Chao is effective

    Strawberry is gules, can you still have cyanine element? The answer is: Not only have, and a lot of. Because cyanine element is met the acid-base value as cellular fluid is erubescent perhaps become blue, appearing just is gules on strawberry body. Strawberry itself contains superhigh vitamin C, plus cyanine element cooperate, conduce to hold spot of skin flexibility, desalt.

    Strawberry contains rich tannic acid, push it to ” to refuse the status of cancerous bodyguard ” . Often eat strawberry to be able to prevent all sorts of cancer such as cancer of oral cavity cancer, esophagus cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the stomach, rectum. Because contain some abundance to fight oxide among them, can defy cancer cell.

       Hearts firedrake fruit, food protects Shi Shuang

    Firedrake fruit belongs to cactus division, contain the rare plant sex protein in other fruit, can help the body eliminate toxin, at the same time stimulative vitamin is absorbed.

    Prosperous Long Guo contains many cyanine element, can defy freedom radical, compare fruit of dragon of white internal heat on nutrient value and taste more get the better of one prepare. Often have the person of hearts firedrake fruit, can discover cutaneous water embellish is spent get apparent promotion, the generation of microgroove gets alleviating. It is OK still that the summer eats hearts firedrake fruit more conduce is prevented bask in and skin beauty is white.

    Hearts firedrake fruit is violetter than color of common firedrake fruit, incision hind is to present very beautiful claret more. Digging eating kind with ladle directly, resembling is to eat ice-cream. If extract juice to drink, flavour is quite full-bodied also.

       The effect of cyanine element and action

      1. prevents cancer

    Show various nowadays cancer incidence of a disease taller and taller, this and undesirable dietary habit and environmental pollution are having very big factor, accordingly we can prevent cancer not only through correcting food be used to, at the same time cyanine element is had likewise prevent cancer very well to combat cancerous effect. Because freedom radical damages genetic material,cancer most is (Dna) place causes, and cyanine element has the effect that protects genetic material secondhand, make us better thereby go defying the cancer of all sorts of tall hair.

       2. hairdressing protects skin

    All the time since the good name of skin cosmetic ” that cyanine element still has ” profess to convinced, eat more in living at ordinary times that is to say some contain a lot ofthe food that has cyanine element, can remove very good hairdressing to protect skin effect. And the shift to an ealier time that often takes cyanine element to still can prevent skin furrow is generated, the most effective in can saying nature fight oxidation material. Cyanine element can help us defer consenescence not only, at the same time OK still and compensatory nutrition is reached eliminate the harmful freedom inside body base, the skin that lets us thereby more healthy and exquisite.

      3. Cleared freedom base

    Can say the freedom inside body base it is to bring about our consenescence and the element that cause a disease, if keep clear of regularly carelessly, will endanger human body health badly. And the main effect of cyanine element keeps clear of namely freedom radical, although the vitamin also has this effect, but its are oxidized before reaching place having effect and the part loses active. And cyanine element can maintain and enhance a vitamin the active inside human body, because this is had more,keep clear of the action of freedom radical. The disease of prevention and cure that cyanine element is discovery of academia of eye criminal record, maintain the freedom with human the the the directest, most effective, safest health base cleared agent, its are cleared the ability of freedom radical is vitamin C 20 times, 50 times of vitamin E.

       Epilogue of net of cate of preserve one’s health: Believe now everybody to cyanine element this kind of material had very intimate knowledge, this is one kind can prevent and treat a variety of diseases, hairdressing protects skin, improve our eyesight, still can remove a lot of effect such as freedom radical. We can eat the tomato of La Mei, cherry, aubergine a few food that contain cyanine element at ordinary times, can let us have good color.

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