The practice of cake of salty albumen lotus root

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  • A lotus root cake that correcting of cake of egg lotus root becomes salty albumen, because having some kind to salty yoke,expect only.

    Stew boil mix fry, had not made lotus root cake really. The lotus root cake of salty albumen, but salty albumen did not imagine however in so salty, still added finally so lose throw salt, cake letting lotus root is close to the taste of average person more. 30 grams flour is not much, but the feeling is OK still again a few less. Boiler of fat profit of little a few, lotus root paste is burnt in grow grow in condense very quickly agglomerate, fragrance waves medicinal powder, do not feel the flavor that gives salty albumen however.

    The practice of cake of salty albumen lotus root, how is cake of salty albumen lotus root done delicious

    Advocate makings: Salty albumen 1, 30g of 250g of lotus lotus root, flour, green 3.

    Complementary makings: Pepper a few, salt a few.

       The practice of cake of salty albumen lotus root:

    1. With makings: Salty albumen 1, lotus lotus root 250 grams, flour 30 grams, green 3, pepper a few, saline a few.

    2. Green is abluent, cut chopped green onion, reserve.

    3. Lotus lotus root is abluent, flay.

    4. Brush filament.

    5. Join flour, salty albumen, salt, chopped green onion, black peppery.

    6. Mix divide evenly, reserve.

    7. Pan burns heat, oily, huang Yun.

    8. Take paste of right amount lotus root, put into boiler, booth becomes thin pancake state.

    9. Underside decoct goes out golden, search an area, decoct other one side.

    10. Two sides is golden, give boiler.

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