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The man thinks besides the health that cares about his, also care exceedingly to domestic happiness, it is very important to the sexual life of husband and wife of conjugal love, so the man knows common sense of health care of a lot of sexes, so do you know the pose of healthy sexual love?

Sexual pose has a lot of, the appearance potential energy of what sexual love brings health to the man?

  Type of female on top (Girlontop)

Benefit: Exercise abdominal muscle and lumbar back muscle

Coach: The other side above the meeting is relatively active, and you are OK also and a few more managing physical strength, the enjoyment that you need unbend of nature of lie low double leg to enjoy her only can. But when you participate in more gradually, can hold out in spite of oneself up jump, at this moment your lumbar abdomen muscle can get taking exercise effectively.

   Missionary type (Missionary)

Benefit: Exercise chest muscle

Coach: The pleasure that makes love actually does not depend on the pensile, auxiliary equipment that binds all kinds of strange things of and so on, the simplest the most traditional male on female next type still are used the most extensively up to now the most frequent posture, it can make both sides communicates directly face-to-face, but it also asks you can last at the same time the push-up of 100 above, because this one posture has higher demand to chest muscle, deltoid and 2 flesh, triceps.

The sexual life in a family is exceedingly general, and sexual pose has a lot of however, the appearance potential energy that there are a lot of passions in the life lets a man get health, the pose of the sexual love of above can bring profit to the man, the man must be cherished.

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