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The society is infecund now barren crowd is increasing, friend of a lot of men is to arrive after marriage anxious when wanting the child, ability him discovery is the male not Yo, this time treats pressure again very big also, and delay want the child’s plan, whole family also worries about, so early discovery early treatment is attached most importance to especially should, actuallyPrevent the male not Yo, can undertake be feelinged oneself checking in the life, will know oneself whether sicken.

PrecautionThe male not YoWant to take an examination seriously, undertake self-check in daily life namely, undertake “ feels ” oneself, of course, the object that touchs oneself basically is spermary.

Below normal circumstance, spermary surface of the male should be quite slick, hardness is very strong also, undertaking the male when be being felt oneself should be experienced somewhat. In addition, spermary has individual difference on exterior and quality of a material, it is very important to be anatomized because of what this understands oneself, only such your ability discover in time invariant. The male prevents not Yo can learn “ to feel ” oneself, the region that if discover spermary,feels aching when some strut or feeling may hint have infection.

Useful still finger tip feels spermary, if discover a little hard or irregular bump, the likelihood does not ache when feeling. This bump won’t be more than a small pea possibly, so this may be there is inchoate spermary cancer in clew. Although this kind of cancer is opposite scarce, make progress possibly however very rapid. If lack inchoate diagnose and treat, can cause death very quickly.

In addition, the male also should notice when checking genital his penis has extremelying He Yi to often change. If discover phallic surface has ulcer or abnormal bump anyplace, may be the symptom of the phallic cancer with infection, pestiferous or very scarce sex so.

Through in article feel examination way oneself, male friend can know whether he is healthy probably, perhaps can understand oneself to whether suffer from went up the male not Yo disease, calculate discovery so disease also can be in have very seasonable treatment for a short while, the choice suits his remedial method, won’t delay so want the child, of the body to oneself and psychologyTraumaticAlso decreased subsequently.

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