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Sitting for long to be not moved, human body abdominal cavity bears enormous pressure, abdominal cavity and the haemal circulation of next bodies get block up, blood of whole body odor moves to be able to get embroil. Additional, kidney classics and the outside and the inside of cystic classics photograph, classics of sedentary can oppressive bladder, cause bladder to move via enraging blood not free, cystic function is wrong, cause kidney function thereby unusual, ” of kidney of sedentary injury of so called “ is this truth.

   Answer measure:

1, proper motion

Work 1 hour continuously above, should stop the activity of working in a way in the helper, do a few extend to reach turn head, turn moves, of the job should attend the physical training such as badminton, ping-pong, canter to go quickly, the good way that swimming is systemic motion more. Office worker should carry the waist on the back as far as possible clingy and lean the back of the chair, the person that the waist still has space, can place a small cushion, hold a waist in the palm, such making the muscle of lumbar Di ministry won’t tooFatigue.

   2, fruit taking a place and yoghurt

Those who cope with spirit to go up is tired, eating can be very good method oh. The apple is very helpful to improving the spiritual outlook of people, when feeling memory drops, leave a table, eating an apple is right choice. Additional, because calcium is had,alleviate muscleNervous, adjust endocrine action, contain the food with rich calcium to wait like defatted yoghurt so, right also alleviateTiredBe agitatedthe humor is good. Accordingly, might as well when need raises attention drink on one cup of defatted yoghurt.

3, fill up a circularity cushion

Do not look down upon this endBone is painful, this may mean long sitting position incorrect make your coccyx sufferred an injury. Want to reduce the chance that coccyx gets hurt, sit less to be moved more need not say more oneself, had begun those who ache to feel, the place that idea decreases as far as possible or has to avoid to ache bears pressure.

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