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Under the inquiry, these women are the severe abdominal pain that just appears after sexual behavior almost.

Because sexual behavior is too violent,the expert reckons its cause is probable is and sendOvarian cystBurst. The doctor expresses, if do not have celiac lens operation immediately hemostatic, create shock extremely likely. According to statistic, the patient is centered in 20 ~ 40 years old normally the female with active sexual behavior, and the most incidental in successive holiday.

Do not go out inaccessibly from afore-mentioned conclusion, because these are next abdominal ache, manyInternal haemorrhagefemale all too as intense as sexual behavior and cause ovarian cyst burst to concern. Be in clinical in discovery, intense sexual life is the chief criminal of female vulva, vagina and uterine injury not only, also be male glans and the prime criminal that wrapping injures, even the penis that enough allows the man breaks off, the paradigmatic too numerous to mention one by one of this respect.

The penis that stimulates strong life to still can cause a man is unusual erect. Contrary is, the penis is right now unusual erect the expression that is not eroticism. Sexual life is ultra, can make the penis appears continuouslyHyperaemiaSymptom, clinical go up to basically be behaved bear hard for phallic strut, ache, progress goes down to be able to make haemal be retarded by silt, viscosity increases, vein circumfluence is difficult, form thrombus and local bump even. If the illness cannot get seasonable processing, the blood-vessel that suffers an effect will out-of-the-way and fiber is changed, often appear finally permanent penis erects incompetent, cannot have normal sexual life.

The phenomenon that stimulates strong life to cause male penis to break off also has occasionally happen. Because,this is: The penis is in after erecting adequately, if be bumped violently,can break off, break off like bone same, accordingly also somebody breaks off the penis figure ground calls ” of “ penis fracture, it is the white film outside phallic sponge body can’t bear heavy burden and produce cracked a kind of special situation, belong to one of urgent disease of male division, need urgent processing.

The penis breaks off to often happen in tough coital action not only, also put in the sexual life of disposition termagancy black prime of life have hidden trouble, the circumstance that occurrence penis of the person that sexual intercourse has inside bumpy car in journey even breaks off also has a story. In addition, come from a wife possibly also to mistreat ” be caused by to the crude “ of marital penis, for example because of,the woman is in in sexual life excessive turn round the body to wait.

The expert reminds: Passionate men and women is in sexual life, must learn to master proper limits for speech or action and the sentiment that had dominated oneself, lest let too the result that apolaustic passion gives sexual love to bring suffering to be able to ‘t bear character.

(the exercitation edits: Cai Junyi)

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