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Had been in when sexual life, when perhaps saying bang bang bang, male people always likes to come according to his be fond of. Of course, the pleasure that goes after oneself is right. But some moment, you did not scruple the female’s pleasure, brought about a female to cannot enter state, affect a man conversely again thereby enjoy. So in sexual life, the mistake that the man often makes, and corresponding improvement what does the method have?

Sexual common sense

Do too curtly. The glow that takes out you comes! Do not know how to kiss? The kiss is an art. Not too harum-scarum, when you caress her. Bit tenderer. Do not know how to be caressed? You should know MM the 2nd sensitive place, it is her skin. Like wanting to resemble a child, always suck her breast. Besides absorb, learn to be caressed with the hand. Do not kiss her earlobe. Not be everybody is sensitive to here. Do not want kind of strawberry, leave kiss mark. If you are an old couple, need not. Not so excited that tremble. This is not the thing with alarming what. Did not wash clean body. This can be healthy a major programme of lasting importance.

About the foreplay

Do not stimulate private parts. Occasionally actually the female feels is not so comfortable. Do not want to balk. May major MM is not so extroversion, they are not good at project oneself experience, it is foolish only foolish lying over, but this does not think on behalf of them. When helping her disrobe, do not appear too awakward. As a result of,do not want too impatient and appear very not elegant. If she does not like, look at her with respect to what do not want lubricious mew. When should be being done, be about to do, not dilatory. When going in, excuse me she. Cannot find the entrance. Too novice.

Sexual love when

NotPremature ejaculation. NotImpotent. Do not want what often ask her to experience. Although you came to an end, do not take care of a lady, should help her ……

When the mouth loves

The head requirement that does not want strong to press her head to your …… to also do not press her is thorough. Do not press her head, the discharge that does not cannot refrain from came out.

Other respect note

NotPornographyThe film is taken seriously. Should not be in more Xx when, put pornofilm. The Size that is not you feels compunctious.

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