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Article introduction

Good overshot not easily bosom pregnancy, feel OK and unfixed, also need not have a lot of notes again, actually, the confinement in childbirth after pregnant is very important also, if confinement is done bad to keep disease very easily to the body, if confinement has been done, what can recover the body not only is healthy, before still can be being improved bad position, general confinement in childbirth when also can do some small fry eat, but what is there small fry suit confinement in childbirth to eat quite?

Can the fried dish have in confinement

Those confinement in childbirth is OK eating fried dish

Xianggu mushroom, lotus root piece, carrot, tomato scrambles egg the vegetable that waits for a few green is OK, but leek is not eatable. The food in confinement in childbirth must value, food is to must eat a few more delicate easy digestive food during confinement in childbirth, because the female gives birth to child hind, the body each respects are to have certain effect, absorb and digestive function is worse, be in so postpartum be to must notice food, in confinement in childbirth when be to be able to have a fried dish, the fried dish also contains certain nutrient part, it is to cannot eat too much, one-time cannot eat more, because the fried dish is fatter, if often eating, it is the appearance that causes indigestion more easily, want during confinement in childbirth reasonable prandial, cannot partiality for a particular kind of food, do not eat acrimony, exciting thing, other things are OK eat appropriately a few.

Can the fried dish have in confinement

4 principles should be stressed on confined food

1, food wants loose, goluptious, easy digest, absorb

Postpartum meeting has a lot of lying-in women the circumstance that the tooth shakes, excellent food one party faces a tooth bad, also go against on one hand additionally digest absorb, because the meal of this puerpera wants to be boiled a few softlier, eat the food of deepfry or hard belt carapace less.

2, a few much food, element of appropriate meat or fish is tie-in

Some more multi-purpose soup kind food, benefit at lactation. The one; that galactic exudation is the account that the need quantity of postpartum water adds the lying-in woman in addition, the puerpera perspires mostly more, the moisture that body expresses volatilizes to also be more than at ordinary times, because this should drink soup, congee more,wait.

3, unfavorable eat unripe, cold, good food

The puerpera is postpartum the constitution is weaker, resistance is poor, cause the enteron disease such as gastroenteritis easily, postpartum the fruit that a week does not want edible cold sex as far as possible, wait like watermelon, pear.

Can the fried dish have in confinement

4, unfavorable and fast into fill, lest the loss outweights the gain

Puerpera mostly mammary gland canal returns unfinished allpass free, postpartum 3 days of before two boiling water that do not want too rapid move to drink stimulate the secretion of milk, go up otherwise grandma period may so painful that want to cry, get the disease such as mastitis easily also. Can drink the relatively delicate boiling water such as egg soup, fish soup, shang Ye does not pass salty.

Production produced very big loss to mom’s body, be in so postpartum should notice to restore, so confined when, it is to must eat some of nourishing, vegetable is to be able to be absorbed some, small make up here to hint, want little salt, little oil, those who eat is some more delicate be have profit to the body, the hope is little make up here can very good help to arrive new student mom.

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