[still take cannot eat together with what] edible of _ of _ food contraindication is no-no – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Kelp is to grow a kind of vegetable in seawater, because very much mineral part is contained in seawater, so kelp contains a lot ofiodic element, OK and effective cure parotitis. Because kelp is a kind of alkalescent plant, cannot mix acidity food an edible, avoid to appear a series of severe reaction, for instance allergic, remove erythema to wait. Wait with blood of persimmon, tea, pig, licorice cannot eat together, everybody understands together below particular case.

Still take cannot eat together with what

One, kelp cannot mix the following 6 kinds of food an edible:

1, persimmon

Contain a lot ofcalcic ionic kelp and tannic acid to measure much persimmon one case edible, the calcic ion in kelp can be united in wedlock with the tannic acid of persimmon, generate not the combinative other people of dissolve sex, affect what certain battalion nurturance divides easily to digest absorb, bring about gastric bowel the path is unwell.

Still take cannot eat together with what

2, tea

Tea is not drunk immediately after eating kelp, because tea contains tannic acid, rich iron is contained in kelp, tannic acid is met the absorption of the iron inside block up body.

3, acerb fruit

Had eaten kelp to also should not be eat acerb fruit instantly, if if do not have,be being rinsed clean because of the arsenic in kelp, the vitamin C in acerb fruit and arsenic photograph action, form toxic substance easily.

4, pig blood

Both eat together go against digest absorb, bring about constipation.

5, licorice

Kelp belongs to the food that salty chill slips, contain rich iodine, produce undesirable reaction easily with the certain part in licorice. Licorice filling gas be good at lienal, taste when Wen Zhi matching pleasant had better, and kelp Xian Leng, when reason takes licorice root, must abstinence edible seaweed.

6, acidity food

Kelp belongs to alkalescent food, had better not eat together with acidity food. Like ham of; of yoke, cheese, desert, white sugar, tuna, flatfish, earth up root, chicken, pork, eel, beef, biscuit, wheat to wait.

Still take cannot eat together with what

2, kelp: Avoid and licorice are fed together.

Kelp does not have contraindication period

The professor of medical university gives old people start in civilian alliance ” walk out of dietary error, eat a health ” intellectual lecture. On this lecture, professor Huang will the knowledge of healthy preserve one’s health of a lot of old people, summary gave health ” 5 fast ” , ” 3 good ” , ” 16 words exercise a pithy formula ” besides, still corrected the wrong idea with a lot of old old people, among them one of it is a puerpera can not eat kelp when confinement in childbirth.

A lot of old people think kelp sex is cold, the puerpera ate bad to the body. Tell everybody: “This kind of view is incorrect, kelp is healthy food, not only can eat, can should eat more.

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