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Article introduction

Very much food has the expiration period, whether is should looking above all before having a thing at ordinary times so to expire. Still we see the supermarket has a thing to hit at ordinary times when folding, think oneself were to have an insatiable desire for petty gain, these things are actually probable it is fast expired, oneself should look to be bought again. Black medlar is not exceptional also, black medlar also has certain expiration period.

Can black medlar expire

All food in the life in us are the specified number that has the expiration period, black medlar is not exceptional also, food must have eaten inside the expiration period, so how to discern did black medlar expire? We look together below!

Does black medlar have the expiration period

Black medlar has the expiration period, the expiration period of medlar is 18 months commonly.

Medlar contain part of a large number of adipose oil, agglutinant sugariness, go extremely easily oily, had stored long hind, can affect quality and reduce curative effect. If your deposit is proper, change without hair mildew or phenomenon of bug eat by moth, can eat, just reduce curative effect just. Good medlar is pure black, the water that bubble comes out is blue purple perhaps. Black medlar expiration period is 18 months left and right sides commonly, the water that bubble comes out is brown specification oxidation. The proposal was not drunk, if wanting to drink, can buy afresh, the color that normal bubble comes out is blue purple perhaps. When this and you are bought, newest date is concerned, additional memory method is very important also, after opening, remember putting freezer to refrigerate.

Can black medlar expire

How to discern black medlar expired

Wen Yiwen

General and fresh black medlar contains faint scent ingredient, if you are hearing black medlar to do not have distinct fragrance, still contain mildew ingredient instead, this had become moldy.

Have a look

How to know food became moldy, will judge from surface color is the directest, if the surface of black medlar has white mould, with respect to the specification black medlar had become moldy.


The amount containing sugar of black medlar is small, taste without what sweet taste, also do not have the flavour with other what. If be when edible black medlar, discovery contains tart flavor, the specification also is mildewy metamorphism, cannot continue edible.

Can black medlar expire

How has been black medlar saved

Shady and cool and dry place is saved

Easy be affected with damp be affected with damp is degenerative after black medlar imbibe, mildewy even, can use when save last in bags is good, choose shady and cool and dry place to save.

Freezer refrigerates a law

Black medlar can be put in freezer to save, reduce bacterial active, make its save time a few longer, can load black medlar last in bag, put into freezer to refrigerate next can, average temperature maintains 0-4 to spend the left and right sides.

Desiccative is saved

Food desiccative is the moisture in can adsorptive damp food, the help maintains alimental dry, when saving black medlar, packet food desiccative can be put in the container that packs black medlar, can have moistureproof effect.

Plastic vacuum saves a law

The small gunny-bag of calx is put in polybag, in putting the black medlar of purify impurity into polybag again, bake a polybag mouth, take out the air in bag, place next save in shady and cool place. Should notice lime is unfavorable put much, also want to undertake checking more, lest appear flat phenomenon.

Mildew blackens medlar saves a law

If black medlar appears in saving a process,mildew changes circumstance, the black medlar that can change mildew is put in round dustpan, both hands will agglomerate first rub comes loose, and winkle deteriorates badly, gush drenchs right amount liquor, wet surface blaze is in, both hands rub eliminates speck, relapse for many times, till do not have spot. Bake with low baking temperature next dry, rub of commonly used handle gently flips through, make send out lunt, give boiler sift out, next sealed save.

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