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Article introduction

Lemon should be a kind of well-known hairdressing emperor is tasted, because citric itself has very tall vitamin C, have very good effect in vain to hairdressing beauty so. And the yield because of lemon is very high, the price also very cheap, but lemon is special acid, if regard it as,general fruit will eat suit not quite, undertake it rework even so. Introduce a few citric kinds of specific practices for everybody next.

What can lemon do

Taste in natural hairdressing in, fame is the the biggest, most thorough of popular feeling be afraid should calculate lemon. Lemon is unripe eat flavour pole sick at heart, mouthfeel not beautiful, but use its appropriate, economic value is great. Be in our country, lemon calls appropriate the mother again, be afraid is the cause of homophonic. ” language of another name for Guangdong Province ” the cloud: “Appropriate mother child, taste is extremely sour, of be addicted to of empty of pregnant woman liver, friend says appropriate mother. When ripe when, family contest is bought, with much Tibet classics year old for still. “Visible, very long since, people loves lemon.

What can lemon do

The hairdressing action of lemon juice and hairdressing mechanism can generalize for the following respects:

One, reduce pigment to generate, make the skin fair-skinneds in vain.

2, nutrition protects skin action

3, disinfection goes action of dirty, clean cutaneous.

In the cry that puts in nature ” ‘s charge again in ” , western woman very happy event with lemon juice cooperate the look is tasted, application is very wide, the method is very much also. But notable is, because a large number of organic acid are contained in lemon, stimulating to the skin, accordingly, do not besmear lemon juice directly face, must dilute hind or deserve to taste ability apply face with other and natural hairdressing in proportion.

Lemon raises Yan Hufa hairdressing personally with Yu Jian, it is the practice that folk of southeast Asia area circulates at first, be like below a few kinds of methods through arranging later, still be in up to now faddish.

Cleared fleck is contemporary medicine thinks, fleck is hypodermic melanin grow in quantity, or had insolated long be caused by. Face of besmear of juice of Xian Ning Meng is used 1 times each after morning and evening washs a face everyday, 1 week or so can eliminate fleck.

Clean skin is whitened 1 section of bright citric and abluent flay, put a jar inside, join liquor immersion lemon, steep 1 night. Morrow dips in with alexipharmic pledget immerse face of wine fluid besmear, wash with Wen Shui after 15 minutes clean, 1 week hind sees a face allow smooth whiteness.

Close skin smooth takes 1 spoon fresh lemon juice, put into the cup, join bright chicken to fizzle out 1, mixture mix is even. Rejoin olive oil of flour of two spoon swallow, two spoon or peanut oil, an agitate is become equably mushy. Face of the apply after washing a face every night forms face film, get off after 20 minutes, reoccupy lukewarm bath is clean. Every night 1, successive 1 week hind, can make the drying, lax, face that creases more, become ruddy burnish.

What can lemon do

Embellish skin bath will be bright citric two, mincing with disinfection gauze wraps up bag, put into tub to immerse 20 minutes; Also can use oily generation of half spoon lemon, put Wen Shui to 38 ℃ again – 40 ℃ , have wooden bath, wash 10 minutes about, aid Yu Qing to remove sweat fluid, peculiar smell, oil, moist whole body skins. The person that sole heart has thick skin can use citric skin rub to knead, made bate falls off gradually. Oily skin person, whole body of inunction of a few fresh lemon juice drips in embellish skin frost after bath, apply massage, can dispel crosses much oil, make skin burnish ruddy and bouncy.

Drinkable reduce weight lemon juice extraction delicacy 100 grams, xian Hai takes 100 grams, mark is cut with the knife after kelp is abluent, put 180 grams clear water, immerse in stainless steel cup, boil 1 hour, put cold, drinkable when can join a few rock candy appropriately. Because iodine is contained in kelp, can promote thyroid hormone to secrete, raise airframe metabolism. Lemon juice is hemal to diastole bate, quicken haemal circulation, bowel of OK still and promotional stomach digests a function. Can eliminate so sluggish is accumulated inside body redundant hypodermic and adipose, achieve goal reducing weight. Drinkable quantity can drink by oneself calm, but unfavorable often drinkable. Additional, lemon juice extraction delicacy 1 spoon, honey 1 spoon, mix brandy right amount. Evening is drinkable, can help already fall asleep, improve Morpheus quality, also be beneficial to raise colour, reduce weight.

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