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Article introduction

Rare butter is a kind of common animal butter, actually rare butter is the adipose part of bovine breast, a kind of when the simple depart in tell even if breed skim from the ox comes out lacteal thing, the digestive absorptivity of butyric human body is very tall, especially the content of the vitamin in butter is very tall, often eating have a lot of profit to person body, but the adipose content of rare butter is very tall, if edible is too much, it is very easy bring about fat.

Is rare butter animal butter?

The choose and buy of rare butter method

Buy rare butter to choose to compare common brand, when buying, notice the expiration period is restricted can. Regular rare cream should be thick grandma sweet, if taste ache slightly sends suffering, explain otherwise already abnormal, cannot edible.

High grade rare butter is shown flaxen, have special scent, in putting the entrance, can dissolve, without coarse feeling, pack heal to still preserve original shape, without the excessive outside oil, the surface is slick if; is out of shape, and the excessive outside oil, surface is rough, deflective and all round cave wait for a circumstance to be inferior butter.

Rare butter oxidizes easily, had better have wrapped its carefully with paper first, put into sealed box next, cold storage is in 4 ℃ of 2 ~ in freezer, can save 6 months above.

Is rare butter animal butter?

Rare butter side-effect

Does print of semester there is medical service report: ? Quan   alone Na is proud? of Xing Jiu shape is about to avoid overmuch rare butter and butterine absorb, the prostate that may cause the man because of these two kinds of food is intumescent.

The Yi Han in rare butter has a variety of saturated fatty acid, this is harmful to blood-vessel fatty acid, eat less still for beautiful.

Coronary heart disease, hypertensive, diabetic, pregnant woman of; of arteriosclerosis patient diet and fat person be fed less as far as possible or do not feed.

Rare butter is the following to a serious illness adjust health very adverse, must be sure to keep in mind avoid certain food. Just be more at the beginning of a serious illness, digestion is not very good, food if impropriety, can come make the illness has a relapse again. Be like bud of fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, Chinese toon, dawdle and certain birds cultivate the flesh, egg, the person that ever contracted irritability disease, should notice to choose to avoid feed. Be like again tall lipemia, hypertensive, coronary heart disease, apoplectic etc, appropriate of the food after disease is delicate, cannot live the matter of thick flavour of cooking oil be bored with. Butter did not concern, can as far as possible edible.

Is rare butter animal butter?

The nutrient value of rare butter, the advantage that takes rare butter

The adipose content of rare butter increased 20 ~ than milk 25 times, and if the composition of the others is not fat breast solid (protein, lactose) reach moisture to be reduced greatly, butter is in the digestive absorptivity of human body is taller, can amount to 95% above, it is the condiment with vitamin A and vitamin D very high content.

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