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Arrived summer when, weather is very torrid, the symptom that people suffers heatstroke via often can appearing, suffer heatstroke for precaution, can eat a few balsam pear more at ordinary times, best method is to drink balsam pear juice, balsam pear is the first-rate disappear heat beautiful with accepted people is tasted, besides, drink balsam pear juice to still have effect reducing weight, still can protect heart and vessels and reduce cholesterol to wait a moment, can be honey joined to be drunk together inside balsam pear juice so?

Can balsam pear juice add honey?

Can balsam pear juice add honey?

Balsam pear juice can add honey. Both and tie-in, already nutrition good drink, commendatory way is below:

Citric honey balsam pear juice


Balsam pear 1/5, citric 1, jin Jie 8, glacial water 120 ㏄, honey right amount


1. citric flay cuts man; The dissect after balsam pear, Jin Jie is abluent is fourth.

2. puts all stuff into fruit juice machine.

3. uses the instant to be hit 2 times, reoccupy is slow fast 3 minutes are hit to material finely into juice can.

Mouthfeel of 4. basis individual decides to whether add honey.

Can balsam pear juice add honey?

Honey celery cider


Celery leaf 50g, apple 1, honey 1 greatly spoon


1, celery Xie Xi cuts paragraphs small completely, the apple is abluent, go the nucleus cuts small.

2, put mixer, add 500ml water, agitate is hit even. Honey can be added when drinking.

Citric apple balsam pear juice


Balsam pear 1, apple 1, lemon juice is right amount, honey 1 spoon, cool boiled water right amount


1, mix balsam pear the apple is abluent.

2, malic stripping and slicing, balsam pear goes flesh also is cut agglomerate.

3, put mixer inside, add right amount cool boiled water.

4, the teem after agitate makes 2-3 second filters.

5, squeeze juice of filtering malic balsam pear on lemon juice.

6, join right amount honey agitate even can.

Can balsam pear juice add honey?

Often eat juice of balsam pear honey what to have benefit

Rich vitamin is contained in honey, still contain a lot ofa variety of microelement, for example the microelement such as iron, calcic, Potassium, phosphor, balsam pear Qing Dynasty heats up alexipharmic effect can be top-ranking, summer often eats juice of balsam pear honey to to the body the clear hot weather that heat up solution, hairdressing is raised colour, embellish bowel is aperient wait for effect.

How is juice of balsam pear honey done?

Material: Honey, balsam pear.

Practice: An account is cut after washing balsam pear clean, put into juicer, join the mineral water of 2 times to be in juicer, insert bell of dichotomy of electrify source agitate can, after been extract, filter balsam pear broken bits come out, enter the two spoon honey, ice cube that is put into 4 or so in balsam pear juice next can drinkable.

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