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There are a lot of females to be able to drink 4 content boiling water in our life, because often drink 4 content boiling water, be first-rate for the body to the female, conduce to female vivid classics moving blood, and for frailer to those bodies woman, come every time official holiday when half life that resembled wanting them, this time uses 4 content soup, also be wonderful to the body, so come official holiday when can you drink 4 content boiling water?

Come can official holiday drink 4 content boiling water

Menstruation can drink 4 content boiling water, the soup that suits female period to drink has:

Chicken broth of black of first selection of cold sex constitution: Add bit of big jujube ginger to begin to boil with boiler became, can add little salt to be moved a little finally expect. Enrage us to still can put in bit of the root of remembranous milk vetch to fill, this can be bought in drugstore.

Enrich the blood best: Add hawkthorn and medlar to boil water to drink together with earthnut of red jujube, red skin, longan, must add water to boil a quantity to come out lesser to still can continue be boiled 2 times more, the effect is more distinct but need to often be drunk. What need remembers is: The jujube must be broken, water will be otherwise acerbity, the sweet taste the jujube boil water in.

Warm body more enrich the blood: Brown sugar adds Jiangzai to increase a jujube, sweet hot hot enrich the blood while still can warm personally. Forthcoming month period drinks the stuff that nod heat is right choice.

4 content soup: Nourishing to the body action has very great help, belong to Chinese traditional medicine kind feed capable person, unfavorable and long-term edible. Do not suggest menses is drinkable and such the soup that fills greatly, after menstruation ends, can drink.

Water of donkey-hide gelatin brown sugar: The donkey-hide gelatin that enrich the blood adds the brown sugar of warm person, do not say to enrich the blood the effect is very good, menses drinks the drink of the heat that nod heat to let alvine warmth rise also is not an evildoing.

Come can official holiday drink 4 content boiling water

What should menstruation notice

One, unfavorable sexual life, the film inside menses palace falls off when palace antrum surface forms the life that achieve a face enter bacterial area easily retrograde motion and aspirant cause the infection inside palace antrum to produce accessory thereby into palace phlogistic, pelvic infection

2, unfavorable eat salt more, eat salt to be able to make the salinity inside body and menstruation of increase of volume of moisture lay aside come too much wet eve can happen have a headache, excited with wait for a symptom to should begin to eat low salt food testily

3, unfavorable drink tea, period drinks tea to accentuate easily the quantity of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of iron element. Normally the circumstance falls, the important element that haemoglobin synthesizes in human body — the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year that iron element has certain amount everyday. But to the female, menstruation a large number of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year as blood, iron element is met than usual the more of prediction of a person’s luck in a given year. If this paragraph of time drinks tea again, the prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of element of iron of undoubted meeting accentuation is measured. Because the tannic acid of 50% is contained in tea, the iron element union in meeting and food is formed sedimentary, the absorption of mucous membrane of cloggy bowel path to iron element. Tea is stronger, the human body absorption to iron element force is smaller. Because this does not drink tea as far as possible at this moment, and want on food special eat food of a few rich chalybeate, so that complement iron element.

Come can official holiday drink 4 content boiling water

4, unfavorable hip bath, menses palace neck is ajar hip bath and tub make sewage enters palace very easily genital official inflammation is caused thereby inside antrum.

5, unfavorable wear tight pants, it is very easy that if menstruation wears hip circumference,small tight pants can make press press of local blood capillary affects blood to increase perineal attrition circularly thereby cause perineal congestion oedema

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