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Gram and agaric are the food that we often eat, and nutrient value is exceedingly rich, agaric color slants black, have very great help to the health of the body, can powerful body of invigorate the circulation of blood, raise blood to be stationed in colour, the action that lubricant bowel, and gram itself contains a lot ofrich nutrient element, have fair officinal value, but do bemused gram and agaric have a lot of people together right healthy influential?

Can gram and agaric eat together

Agaric: Flesh of chicken of avoid and river snail, pheasant, mallard, quail feeds; avoid and tetracycline to be taken together together.

Can gram and agaric eat together

Agaric (English: Agaric) , basically grow in China and Japan. China is northeast agaric and agaric of mountain of the Qin Dynasty for the most part. Among them with Sichuan wide ear is yuan of Hei Mu best, be known as emperor to taste since ancient times, enter for many times display palace, obtained Premier Wen Jiabao to inspect survey personally 2005. Agaric already but feral OK and artificial implantation, seminal substance submits form of ear shape, wave of foliaceous or cup shape, thin, brim, wide 3-10 centimeter, thick 2 millimeter left and right sides, with side the adherent ministry with raw short power or fine narrow is originallying to go up at matrix. Black brown of colour and lustre, softness of quality of a material submits colloid form, thin and bouncy, wet when translucent, dry when systole turns into fragile hard corneous and similar change is simple. Flavour is delicious, but element but meat or fish, nutrition is rich. Agaric flavour pleasant, the gender is smooth, have a lot of officinal effect. Can beneficial enrages powerful body, have efficiency of invigorate the circulation of blood, can prevent and cure the; such as anaemia of the sex that be short of iron can raise blood to be stationed in colour, skin making a person is ruddy, radiant, can dredge intestines and stomach, lubricant bowel, also have certain help to hypertensive patient at the same time.

Can gram and agaric eat together

Gram (Vigna Radiata (Linn. ) Wilczek. ) , belong to legume. Alias green red bean (get a name because of its color viridescence) , Qia beans, establish beans, be in what China already had more than 2000 years to help advance somebody’s career history. Country of origin is in India, Burmese area. East Asia each country is cultivated generally now, africa, Europe, United States also has a few cultivating, china, Burmese waiting for a country is the exit country with main gram. Seed and bine by extensive edible. The result with gram hot Qing Dynasty is in skin, alexipharmic result is in the flesh. Gram soup is a family beverage of standing summer clear heat, clear hot weather is appetizing, old little all appropriate. Traditional gram goods has cake of wine of gram cake, gram, gram, gram sheet jelly made from bean or sweet potato starch of sanded, gram. Actually gram still has a kind color, of yellow, this kind of character is very exiguous, see in Jiangxi Po this world only at present, outside yellow, fabaceous skin is thinner than green, nutrition is much better!

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