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The patient got kidney seeper, want seasonable treatment, if have inflammation should seasonable diminish inflammation, if because calculous reason wants to discharge stone in time,be, want to drink water more at ordinary times, of course if be the reason of tumor, the likelihood needs undergo surgery treatment, besides favorable treatment, the patient is in at ordinary times dietary respect also should strengthen recuperation, want to eat a few food that contain a lot ofprotein less at that time, avoid aggravating kidney responsibility.

What does kidney seeper patient eat best

What is kidney seeper

Renal pelvis seeper is the small cup of renal pelvis kidney that causes as a result of uric road block enlarges companion to kidney organizes atrophy. Uric road block can happen at any place with urethral secrete, can be odd side or bilateral. The degree of block can be completeness or not completeness, renal pelvis seeper can be caused after proper time continuously. Uric road the conduit stricture of any place or block and nerve sarcous are normal the function is disorder, uric fluid is passed can appear obstacle, cause make water to shed obstruction, obstruction above place because uric fluid eduction not free and pressure is added gradually tall, tubal antrum expands, bring about nephritic seeper finally, outspread, kidney essence changes function of thin, kidney drops, if bilateral obstruction, appear uremic consequence is serious.

What does kidney seeper patient eat best

1, Yi benevolence congee

30g of Job’s tears benevolence, rice 100g. Add water right amount boil congee, daily L eat. Be good at detumescence of lienal benefit water. It is disposition inadequacy with at nephritic ill oedema expression, kidney accumulates water patient, accept is slow-witted feed little, defecate is soft person.

What does kidney seeper patient eat best

2, congee of purple perilla of very light blue

Very light blue 3 ~ 5 paragraphs, 10g of purple perilla leaf, rice LOOg. Boil rice congee first, will become when add very light blue and purple perilla page, the lid covers boil in a covered pot over a slow fire closely a little while can, appropriate takes the advantage of hot edible, daily 1 eat. Detumescence of lukewarm Yang Lishui. With see oedema at lienal kidney deficiency of yang, kidney accumulates water patient.

3, wax gourd of little boil in a covered pot over a slow fire

Wax gourd (the skin that contain blueness) 200g, white sugar 1 spoon. stripping and slicing of abluent wax gourd, add up to white sugar to be put into boiler to add a few water, small fire stew is ripe. Benefit water detumescence, clear heat is alexipharmic. Be used at nephritis oedema and slant patient of seeper of hot, kidney.

What does kidney seeper patient eat best

4, congee of paper mulberry leaf

50g of leaf of paper mulberry of congee of paper mulberry leaf is mincing, add water 1000mL, boil take. 500mL, go broken bits, add rice right amount the congee that boil, when food, often eat not discontinuous. Treat patient of seeper of oedema of sex of chronic nephritis bigotry, kidney.

5, old hen soup

Old hen (go splanchnic) 1, join the root of remembranous milk vetch, dried tangerine or orange peel each 15g, arenaceous benevolence 6g, ginger skin 15g, give birth to hawkthorn 30g, eat the flesh to drink boiling water. Treat patient of seeper of chronic nephritis oedema, kidney.

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