[sweet the practice encyclopedia of potato cake] practice of the daily life of a family of _ of the _ method that make – net of people preserve one’s health

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Potato cake is smell is sweet, some friends like to eat sweet food, can make completely sweet earth soya-bean cake. Potato cake is food of a kind of the daily life of a family, a kind of cate that we often can eat in the life. If we are OK,so the case that oneself make falls, can make sure alimental health is wholesome. Potato cake suits old people and child edible, so oneself are made can more contented demand. Sweet what is the practice encyclopedia of potato cake?

 Sweet the practice encyclopedia of potato cake

The practice of sweet potato cake

1. prepares a potato, this potato that I prepare used half only so greatly a bit, have 200g about, potato is washed clean

2. is cut next two half, put in 30 minutes had been boiled in the water of boiling hot, after was being thoroughlied cook fish out.

After the 3. potato air that thoroughly cook became cool, decorticate. With mallet dolly,

4. pounds potato mud, stand-by. Go to next inside pour 300g flour, mix namely probably the scale of potato mud is 1:1.

5. is gone to inside lay an egg. Put two spoon white sugar. To dot warm water and divide evenly, the face mixes stick a little a bit, depend namely much water pouring a drop, can the edge pours water edge knead dough, not be afraid that water is overmuch so.

After 6. and divide evenly, the face that deduct a point is licked in the mouth, if not be very sweet, can put bit of white sugar again, continue and.

7. is gone to next the many flour putting a drop in a bowl, buckle panada of mud of one spoon potato to put with ladle inside the flour that bind a point. Do not stick a hand so.

 Sweet the practice encyclopedia of potato cake

After 8. crosses good flour, scatter bit of flour more on chopping board, press potato panada into the face piece, stand-by. Prepare 4 powders piece hind, can begin decoct

Bit of oil arrives in 9. past boiler, bottom of shop front boiler goes, also go at many o’clock a little. Burn heat. a moment ago potato mud face piece the decoct in putting oil, attention: Fire leaves a bit smaller, fasten too conflagration, scorch easily. Use small internal heat when just beginning to heat up oil.

10. both sides boiler should go out when decoct becomes bright yellow. Whole journey uses small fire fry in shallow oil, wait fast finally ripe when, can increase stir up trouble, give the crisp point of decoct the skin. This should notice duration. Scatter bit of white sugar, can enjoy.

Practice 2:

1. lies between potato flay, abluent, section water steam 15 minutes.

After 2. potato evaporate is ripe, put in the basin to be pressed into potato mud, more exquisite better, put little salt next, put bit of sugar more, not be to a word says: Those who want is so sweet that those who want put salt, salt is put nodded at 1 o’clock can.

The quantity of 3. flour, with can all potato mud, downy do not stick a hand, not hard also OK.

4. make it pattern is next small cake, begin to issue boiler blast.

The process of 5. blast forgets to take a picture

Blast of cake of 6. sweet potato is good, outfit dish ate.

 Sweet the practice encyclopedia of potato cake

Practice 3:

1. washs 2 potato after clean flay, cut about what 1.5cm controls square is small, put into brine to immerse, the scale of salt and water is salt 1 spoon, water 2 cups (the cup of size of cup of 1 sexes paper can) take potato after 10 minutes rinse twice again, drop does moisture to reserve

Oil of a few edible is entered inside 2. boiler, potato piece falls to break up quickly after oily heat fry probably 2 minutes, put half cups of water again, 2 spoon soy, 1 spoon white sugar and half spoon honey, lid cap uses infusion of medium baking temperature 8~10 minute

After 3. opens lid, boil close basically to moisture dry, add touch finally sesame seed and balm can

Practice 4:

1.Potato is abluent, flay, enter a pot for steaming food. Take out after evaporate is ripe, hit into TIPS of ~ of potato mud ~ : Proposal much steam a little while, better make mashed vegetable or fruit, what the mashed vegetable or fruit that makes tomato patch greatly compares little potato is delicious.

2.Join brown sugar (taste increases brown sugar him basis, like to eat sweet can increase a point more, can not replace) with white sugar, milk, flour, with divide evenly.

3.Adjust the scale of flour and milk according to individual taste, those who like to eat soft cake is OK the much milk that increase a point. The face rub with the hands become reconciled becomes small group, a group is a cake ~ ~ if what you move is very rare, need not use rub group, ladle is used later it is OK to be added in past boiler (the boiler that premise is you is not stuck)

4.Go up boiler decoct. I like to press cake in boiler, also can press cake reentry boiler first, a little decoct if be thin face,can turn over face ~ ~ , add pot with ladle, adjust figure, must wait next search an area forcedly again, can come loose otherwise (did not stick boiler does not try rare)

5.~ of ~ giving boiler is particularly simple ah because ~ ~ is sweet, can dip in condensed milk, or the honey on drop, flavour is first-rate!

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