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Article introduction

In our country liberal district has a kind of hand to rip bean curd, it is very famous, because of this kind of bean curd he has distinguishing feature quite, can not eat in countrywide each district so, and although be late,also not be especially other and authentic, the hand rips bean curd also is to use bean curd to make a kind when come have a way, just the bright bean curd that this kind of bean curd and we eat at ordinary times is not similar, what is the particular way that so free hand rips bean curd?

 Free hand rips the practice of bean curd


Advocate makings: Boreal bean curd 500 grams,

Complementary makings: Black pointed any of several hot spice plants 5 grams,

Condiment: White skin garlic 10 grams, salt 5 grams, bai Sha candy 5 grams, balm 5 grams, gourmet powder 2 overcome


1. bean curd is put iron in boiling water, fish out, small chili of the; inside v/arc sale at reduced prices goes the base of a fruit and seed, abluent, cut broken end, put bean curd dish inside, join refined salt, white sugar, gourmet powder, mash bean curd with the chopstick next mix divide evenly.

 Free hand rips the practice of bean curd

2. the head of garlic shucks garlic garment, abluent, pat with the knife broken, next chop becomes mashed garlic, put on bean curd, drench on balm, mix divide evenly can.

Can use at iron bowl, it is biltong of beans of potato of blast of decoct of bowl of a kind of special iron of Guizhou place actually kind the cooking means that wait, characteristic cate, consisting chili area completely is appropriative, mix up flavour. It is OK to also can do bean curd can do bean curd fire is baked, OK also deepfry, potato is same also, dip in next chili face… delicate.

3. is white tender bean curd works, it is allegedly absolutely flavour ferments smelly beans works, actually basic not smelly, very delicious, bean curd doing is vacuum-packed put freezer a month should be no problem, but cannot refrigerant. If hair is sticky did not eat

4. prepares potato chips (pachyrhizus is OK also) , bean curd works, acupuncture needle stay of proceedings

5. panbroils with electric baking pan, replace deepfry, spread good barbecue special oilpaper

6. is wiped on oily, put bean curd to work, potato chips, brush oil, begin decoct

7. can eat frothily

8. chili face, dip in with barbecue makings, two kinds flavour

9. fire is light

10. fire weighs

11. beauty is beautiful

12. matchs ketchup OK also

13. issues acupuncture needle stay of proceedings and bit of potato pachyrhizus again piece

14. is OK also brush sauce

Measure 1. The calico of form of an all directions is put in the hand, the bean curd that has cut piece put in calico above, of calico be opposite quadrilateral 4 edges of good bean curd.

Measure 2. Circle calico bean curd next 50% discount nice package is close, do not show gap. The bean curd that wants place piece had wrapped. Measure 3. Put on a clean board next, 4 4 had put, control another board in bean curd piece on, two cement brick is put to had been pressed on board plane. Its purpose is for bleed white moisture. After about one hour can.

Measure 4. Bleed white hind is taken, go calico, visible bean curd piece had done not have moisture.

 Free hand rips the practice of bean curd

Measure 5. Be in with dry paddy paillasse next bean curd piece below, a meadow spreads a bean curd rise. Static park is saved in the paper box of 25 Celsius 1- – 7 days, after waiting for it to grow hair, take out. Smelly and sweet bean curd doing is formal now finishing.

Measure 6. Blast of the decoct in the oily boiler with take out 45 strong-smelling preserved bean curd to be put in igneous Hou good already, the two sides that waits for bean curd can give boiler after scamper is yellow. Match in chili face finally go up spice

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