[how much is the quantity of heat of the pumpkin that boil? ] _ of _ nutrition value is caloric – net of people preserve one’s health

Article introduction

Pumpkin is the vegetable that we often eat at ordinary times, the nutrient value of pumpkin is very tall, often eat pumpkin to be opposite healthy it is very beneficial, the person that likes to eat pumpkin knows, pumpkin tastes have sweet taste, some people fear the quantity of heat of pumpkin is very tall, actually the quantity of heat of pumpkin is very low, using effect reducing weight is very pretty good, pumpkin not only nutrition is rich, and still can prevent a lot of diseases.

How much is the quantity of heat of the pumpkin that boil?

Pumpkin nutrition analyses:

1.Alexipharmic: Contain inside vitamin and pectic, pectic have very good adsorptive sex, can felt and remove toxin of the bacterium inside body and other and harmful material, be like the lead in heavy metal, mercury and radioelement, can remove alexipharmic action;

2.Protect gastric mucous membrane, help to digest: Pumpkin place is contained pectic still can protect mucous membrane of gastric glue path, avoid suffer coarse food stimulation, stimulative ulcer cicatrizations, appropriate at stomach trouble patient. Pumpkin place contains composition to be able to promote bile to secrete, strengthen gastric bowel peristalsis, help food digests;

3.Prevention and cure is diabetic, reduce blood sugar: Pumpkin contains rich cobalt, the metabolism of cobaltic can active human body, stimulative hematopoiesis function, participate in the synthesis of B12 of the vitamin inside human body, it is the microelement with indispensible place of cell of human body pancreas islet, diabetic to preventing and cure, reduce blood sugar to have special curative effect;

4.Remove carcinogenic substance: Pumpkin can remove carcinogenic substance inferior the choppy action of saltpetre amine, have the effect that prevent cancer, can help the refreshment of function of liver, kidney, enhance the recovery capability; of cell of liver, kidney

5.Promote grow development: Rich zinc is contained in pumpkin, participate in acid of human body kernel, protein synthesis, it is the inherent composition of the cortin, humanness body grows the important matter of development.

How much is the quantity of heat of the pumpkin that boil?

Pumpkin suits a crowd:

Average crowd all can edible

1.Especially appropriate and fat person, diabetic and in; of old people edible

2.Pumpkin sex is lukewarm,

Pumpkin dietotherapy action:

Pumpkin flavour pleasant, sex is lukewarm, enter lienal, gastric classics;

Have energy of life of the beneficial in filling, antiphlogistic and acetanilide, detoxify kills insect, fall candy stops thirsty effect;

Advocate treat long ill deficiency of vital energy, taste frail, be discouraged is listless, the disease such as jalf congealed, diabetic, ascarid.

How much is the quantity of heat of the pumpkin that boil?

Pumpkin way is direct:

1.Pumpkin but evaporate, boil feed, or external use of; of decoct Shang Fu pounds apply.

2.Pumpkin cooked food benefits, benefit water; is the unripe Hui that use drive, alexipharmic.

3.The diabetic can make pumpkin into pumpkin pink, so that long-term a few edible.

4.Melon is right amount, abluent section, salt after 6 hours, in order to eat be eaten together with rice or bread of acetic cold and dressed with sauce, can decrease weak facial pigment ad cool-headed, youth of prevention and cure

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