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The person has food crops food grains other than wheat and rice, body hard to avoid can appear a few diseases, and ” 3 tall ” these diseases are more common between the daily life of people, especially some fat friend appears very easily fat of tall blood sugar, hypertensive, tall blood these diseases, and tall blood sugar is a kind of the most unmanageable disease among 3 kinds of diseases, want to treat this kind of disease relative intractable. So, does longan fall blood sugar?

Longan falls blood sugar

The first, does longan fall blood sugar? The quantity containing sugar of rice of every 100 grams is 5.8 milligram, the quantity containing sugar of flour is 2.1 milligram, millet contains candy to measure is 3.2 milligram, the quantity containing sugar of corn face is 4.3 milligram. Rice basically is starch contains 75% right-and-left polysaccharide. Longan (longan) : Each 100 grams contain moisture content 27.3 grams, protein 5 grams, adipose 0.2 grams, carbohydrate 65 grams, carotene 0.01 milligram, iron 44 milligram, milligram of vitamin B2 0.55, nick is acerbity 2.5, vitamin C34 milligram, still contain purine of organic acid, gland. The referenced value of normal person blood sugar is: Hollow blood sugar: 3.9- – after 6.2mmoL/L eat a hour highest: 7.8- – 9.0mmoL/L. If had sufferred from diabetic, a meal can let blood sugar rise carelessly exceed bid. Visible, eat longan to want to be controlled with eating food. If blood sugar can not take medicine at ordinary times,control is in normal level, eat some of longan just as well, but total food intake should avoid overmuch.

Longan falls blood sugar

The 2nd, the candy inside divides longan content is very high, the person with tall blood sugar had better not eat, blood sugar is met high burden of aggravating pancreas islet, cause hypertension and disease of heart head blood-vessel easily still at the same time. Although longan contains certain candy component, but the blood sugar of person course cure with tall blood sugar is to be able to eat longan euqally below smooth circumstance, but eating amount must be controlled. , it is with causing blood sugar to lift apparently degree.

Longan falls blood sugar

Does longan fall blood sugar? Eat the food with carbohydrate fast content less, if the; such as sweet potato, potato, lotus root is best,also do not drink. Can eat tall fiber food more, the candy of stimulative airframe metabolizes. Be like goods of corn, wheaten, Chinese cabbage, leek, legume. Contain the vegetable with low candy. Be like leek, pumpkin, wax gourd, pumpkin, green vegetables, green pepper, aubergine. And tomato contains sugar the amount is small, can do vegetable to be able to do a fruit to be able to eat more again already. Eat calcic food more. The illness that is short of calcium to be able to urge diabetic person is aggravating. Wait like dried small shrimps, kelp, chop, sesame paste, soya bean, milk.

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