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Article introduction

The person that has seen quail egg should know those who intersect to the chorion surface in quail egg is black and white, the person that does not understand quail egg generates a principle so is met interrogative, can black stain be a few dirty stuffs above quail egg? And there also is material of a lot of dirts above quail egg, buying quail egg so when coming home to absorb alimental sanitation, must wash quail egg, received the article below to introduce to wash the method of quail egg for everybody so.

How is quail egg washed

What is the stain on quail egg?

Before quail is laying 5 hours are controlled, hard chorion has been formed inside oviduct, in the egg in the process of slow down, pigment of tubal wall excretive can adhere to stain is formed on chorion, if the egg rotates inside oviduct, pigment can be in the surface of the egg ” scale ” give different pattern.

How is quail egg washed

How to clean quail egg?

The stain on quail egg is only a few adhere to above pigment, when be being cleaned so, can be cleaned clean with clear water.

If return incapable word, you can use bubble of clear water of lukewarm leach bubble ten minutes or so, it is OK to use vinegar and tooth brush to be brushed next, of course brine also is possible.

What need an attention nevertheless is, if had cleaned the quail egg that pass, had better eat off as soon as possible, mix otherwise can deteriorate easily.

How is quail egg washed

You teach how to choose fresh quail egg below

1.Look from appearance, approximate circle, individual very small, have 5g left and right sides only commonly, the surface has palm brown splash to nod.

2. chorion color is bright, if the word of scrutiny, can see have petty air hole, it is old egg otherwise.

3.Use handle gently jiggle to move, doing not have audio is bright egg, have underwater acoustic is old egg.

4.The last method is more troublesome, depend, put quail egg in cold water, those who sink is bright egg, of rise is old egg.

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