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Article introduction

Banana is a kind of very common fruit, the nutrient value of banana also is very tall, banana can use direct edible not only, still can make a lot of cate, resemble cake, biscuit, actually banana still can use the congee that boil, banana uses the congee that boil is affected without what to person body health, still have instead normally embellish effect, it is rife to healthy gain, everybody can be at ease edible.

Can banana boil congee?

Banana can boil congee to eat, did not affect to the body. Because banana has the effect with embellish aperient bowel, put inside congee to boil have flavorring effect, what won’t have of harmful response.

The dietotherapy effect of banana congee

1) banana congee reduces blood pressure, disease of precautionary hypertension and heart and vessels

Pleasant of banana sex cold flavour, have bowel of clear hot detoxify, embellish lung of aperient, embellish relieves a cough to wait with nourishing action, potassium has inhibition to the natrium of human body, eat banana more, can reduce blood pressure, prevent hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Constipation of preserve one’s health of 2) banana congee, embellish bowel, cure

Banana enters congee, already but bowel of embellish of reduce internal heat, can drop again the cold sex of banana, no matter be cold sex,still be hot and dry constitutional person, can be at ease edible, together simple the congee of preserve one’s health of edible, embellish bowel, treat constipation

Can banana boil congee?

Banana congee practice

1, right amount water is added in boiler, make an appointment with 800ml

2, when heating water, rinse rice clean, drop does moisture to reserve

3, banana flay, cut into piece

4, conflagration heats the water in boiler

5, put the rice with clean pan, use ladle agitate a few times, prevent rice sticks boiler

6, cast aside with ladle child float foam of the surface, instead small fire boils 15 minutes

7, banana goes in, with the agitate with ceaseless ladle, can make congee fast become ropy

8, what agitate changes to congee is ropy, involve fire, take the advantage of hot can edible

Can banana boil congee?

Dietary little common sense

Banana has very good embellish bowel aperient action, but because banana sex is cold, appropriate and hot and dry person edible of the constitution, the constitution slants at Xu Han person not quite appropriate, but if boil banana through evaporate, cold sex can drop one part, the person of cold sex constitution can be at ease edible.

Banana congee food is no-no

1, banana contains potassium tall, have function of urgent chronic nephritis, kidney not complete person, do not suit to eat more.

2, banana property slants cold, the person with cold empty of cool, taste should have gastralgia stomach less.

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