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On our table, cooked wheaten food and rice are two kinds of common staple food. to the friend that reduce weight, the likelihood prefers cooked wheaten food, because everybody thinks,the calorie of cooked wheaten food wants under rice. And to the diabetic, also meet discreet choice rice and cooked wheaten food, because among them starch and candy are divided, what bring about blood sugar very easily is elevatory. So, does everybody want not to want to know cent of candy of cooked wheaten food is very tall?

 Component of candy of cooked wheaten food is high

The sugar that flour contains basically abounds in with amylaceous form in flour, the flour of average level contains amylaceous quantity to be 75 % left and right sides, and among them major amylaceous conference is in maltose of melt into of human body change trains, quite one part again translate into dextrose, be absorbed to use by human body thereby.

And human body is compared to the wastage of dextrose everyday big, the food of carbolic water chemical combination in wanting to pass diet will absorb, what won’t general and normal carbohydrate intake cause to affect to diabetic person, the main energy source that said human body again is carbohydrate, you do not take candy how subsist ah, absorb what what won’t cause to affect right amountly.

 Component of candy of cooked wheaten food is high

Cooked wheaten food is to point to the food that basically makes with flour, world each district all has the cooked wheaten food of different sort, chinese noodle is fastfood the history is long, gust each different, breed is various, basically assorted of noodle, steamed bread, steamed twisted roll, deep-fried twisted dough sticks, hemp, sesame seed cake, dumpling, steamed stuffed bun, wonton, fried dough twist waits, western-style food has all sorts of biscuit, scone to wait.

The history with fastfood noodle but trace arrives The Neo-lithic Age, there already was stone mill at that time, can machine flour, make it is farinaceous food. Arrived period of age the Warring States, already appeared the noodle that deepfry and evaporate make, if sweet bait, Yi is fed, San is fed etc. After this, as the improvement that cooking utensils and kitchen provide, the raw material with Chinese fastfood noodle, make a way, breed

 Component of candy of cooked wheaten food is high

Increasingly rich. Appear a lot of in a popular style gust is fastfood. The dumpling that is like north, noodle, pull dumpling of face, thin pancake made of millet flour, stuffed dumplings masse of glutinous rice flour served in soup, decoct to wait; Southern a steamed dumping with the dough gathered at the top, spring roll, zhongzi, Yuanxiao, deep-fried twisted dough sticks. In addition, each district depends on its products and folk-custom amorous feelings, evolution gives a lot of local color that have full-bodied place distinguishing feature fastfood.

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