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Article introduction

Hematic fat is ropy and average the hematic fat that basically points to namely is tall, this is medium a kind of problem that old people encounters very easily. Hematic fat is ropy very big to healthy influence, want to undertake reasonably controlling only nevertheless, can restrict the harm that its produce. Hematic fat is ropy had done at ordinary times recuperation is crucial, also the patient cares the method quite. So, is hematic fat ropy how is recuperation good? We look below.

Hematic fat is ropy how recuperation is good

One, reasonable food build up one’s health by rest and by taking nourishing food

Human body fat kind include adipose with lipoid two kinds. The relationship of tall lipemia and food is most close. The accumulation with adipose human body and ministry classify the origin of fat, basically come from food. Only one part lipoid is in the complex inside body, call inside natural disposition lipoid. Controlling food is very important to the prevention and cure of tall lipemia. Food is advocated delicate, main abstain from eating meal. But unfavorable and long-term abstain from eating meal, otherwise dietary component is not perfect, can cause instead inside heighten of natural disposition cholesterol.

Appropriate limitation is tall adipose, high cholesterol kind food, be like animal encephalon, yoke, gallinaceous liver, butter. Adipose intake is restricted everyday in 30 ~ 50 grams. Carbohydrate food also wants to restrict, do not take sweetmeat and sock. Eat vegetable and fruit more. Food of appropriate low salt, cooking oil appropriate uses soya-bean oil, peanut oil, rape oil, sesame oil. Be hungry is full measurable, every eat has hungry feeling before repast of the following feed half hours to be into appetite degree, unfavorable use hungry treatment, exceeding hunger makes instead inside body adipose decompose quickly, make acid of the fat in blood increases.

Hematic fat is ropy how recuperation is good

2, wine of avoid of smoke of absolutely give up

A variety of nicotine are contained in cigarette, can bring about human body blood-vessel and cardiac muscle to should stimulate a gender to increase consequently, bring about blood pressure to lift thereby, the symptom of occurrence angina. And excessive drink or of impropriety drink to be able to cause gastric bowel think, neurological etc cause damage. The person with hematic so stiff fat wants wine of avoid of smoke of Buddhist monastic discipline.

3, advocate right amount drink tea

The catechu acid that contains in tea has enhance hemal flexibility, flexibility and osmotic action, can prevent hemal sclerosis. The tea in tea is alkaline with theine can heated drive, stimulative blood circulates, reduce exhaustion and have diuresis effect. Right amount drink tea to be able to eliminate fat food and reduce weight. But drink strong tea too much, can stimulate a heart, make the heartbeat is accelerated, harmful to the body.

4, proper motion reduces weight

Control is fat it is one of important step with precautionary blood exorbitant fat. Outside be being controlled except food, advocate hold to physical training, if canter, 5 birds make fun of, shadowboxing, play a table tennis, senile Disco. Often attend physical labor at ordinary times. Want to control the growth of weight.

Hematic fat is ropy how recuperation is good

5, the food that chooses can attenuant blood

These food have restrain plaque to gather, the; such as the hawkthorn that prevents thrombosis, black agaric, garlic, onion, scallion, sweetbell redpepper, Xianggu mushroom, strawberry, pineapple, lemon has similar aspirin effect fight coagulate food has; of hawkthorn, tomato, red grape, orange, ginger to have the effect that move fat.

6, fixed check-up

Because hematic fat stiff great majority is to appear in old people to go up personally, so old people should do check-up regularly, can observe a patient’s condition at any time.

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