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Article introduction

Eat earthnut right amountly, it is the profit that has a lot of to person body, it is very much that earthnut has law and way mediumly in daily life, earthnut is OK deepfry is worn eat, OK still cold and dressed with sause is worn eat, OK still acetic bubble is worn eat, OK still the move that wrap candy eats etc, flavour is very delicate, and a lot of people like to use beautiful inborn go with wine to eat at ordinary times, the earthnut that wrap candy is a the most welcome cate, how is the pignut that wrap candy done?

How is the pignut that wrap candy done?

How is the pignut that wrap candy done?

Raw material

Red skin earthnut is 120 grams, amylaceous 40 grams, clear water is 50 grams, white saccharic 50 grams.


1, data equipment good;

2, pan is dry fry earthnut, fry slowly with small fire sweet, among ceaselessly bump boiler, make its be heated even;

3, wait for hear earthnut garment to have ” Pi bang ” the sound of fission, smell when distinct earthnut fragrance, can involve fire, fill go out to reserve aside;

4, clear water and Bai Sha candy are entered in boiler, small fire heats, keep shovelling agitate; with boiler

5, white sugar and water melt slowly, then produces; of a lot of hubble-bubble

6, the shovel that use boiler dips in dip in syrup, if can pull a silk, will fry sweet earthnut to fall into boiler, in the agitate in syrup even;

7, reoccupy screen mesh sifts starch, continue quickly agitate;

8, wait for earthnut surface to wrap full candy frost, and can feel apparently when becoming flat, can Guan Huocheng goes out.

How is the pignut that wrap candy done?

The other way of earthnut

Fry pignut is delicious

Oil fries pignut to want to be fried spicily, crisp, fragile and mouthfeel is good, have the skill of tenacity.

Material: The pignut with lesser grain, fry the perception that come out is more popular


The pignut that 1. will fry falls into leakage basket, with Wen Shui slight and even rinse, the purpose is hit pignut wet. With the hand or so rock lets water from leakage basket midstream goes out and water of surface of drop dry pignut is divided.

How is the pignut that wrap candy done?

2. is used small have oily pot to medium fire, oily but need not too much, do not need to wait for oil to burn heat, pour the pignut in leakage basket into oily boiler directly, break up equably with what boiler shovel keeps fry. The pignut that just entered boiler is wet, as oil lukewarm moisturize is met gradually disperse the internal heat with sudorifics, turn over fried feel to meet by block acerbity turn gradually to lubricate. Drip in boiler at this moment a few sweet vinegar, break up again ceaselessly fry, after waiting for pignut skin to begin to become yellow, extinguish fire, use more than heat to continue to break up fry, after temperature drops, can fill piece. Salt or candy are installing dish of around to join all but.

The duration in 3. process cannot too big, medium baking temperature most appropriate, break up again ceaselessly fry, otherwise be heated of inside and outside not all, easy outside Jiaoneisheng.

The five spices that boil is spent unripe

Raw material: The earthnut that take case 500 grams, chinese prickly ash 2.5 grams, anise, fennel each 2.5 grams, cassia bark 2 flake, garlic 4 valve, salt is right amount.

Make a way:

(1) earthnut abluent, hold every earthnut needle small mouth, put a basin inside, join salt, Chinese prickly ash, anise, fennel, cassia bark, right amount water (earthnut of water quantity immersion is degree of) .

(2) shucks garlic skin, abluent, pat broken, in the crock that puts bubble earthnut sufficient agitate, make salt is dissolved, immerse one day and night.

(3) pours brine of earthnut along with, flavor into boiler together, buy is boiled on flourishing fire, in converting, small fire boils 30 minutes.

(4) will boil good earthnut fish out, accuse to do moisture air cool, put the booth below the sun to bask in to 78 into dry, can install dish.

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