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When people is cooking an egg with water, the time that the egg cooks is different, boiling the egg mouthfeel condition that come out and flavour is not identical. Some eggs boil half ripe yoke to did not shape completely, taste mouthfeel is not particularly good. And the time that some eggs cook is too long, people is having vitelline moment to be able to feel very dry, still have person of a few choke even. Everybody is taken to know the schedule of boiled eggs below, will cook the time of the egg certainly.

Boiled eggs schedule

How to boil the boiled eggs that gives different maturity: The 3 word albumen that arrive 4 minutes just figuration, yoke still is liquid condition, particularly careful;6 wants to arrive 7 minutes when rinding albumen is completely caky but very soft, half ripe;9 goes to yoke 10 minutes, albumen shows solid body, yoke center still has little to give birth to;12 minute above albumen yoke is completely squashy, yoke mouthfeel slants dry. Additional, take in freezer throw boiling water directly in easy burst.

Everybody has a perfect egg that boil in the heart. You love to eat completely ripe egg, I slant like egg of with a soft yolk, it is even in day makings, still have the habit that drinks unripe egg. Time of the egg that boil is different, maturity is different, mouthfeel is different also. Cook an egg everyday, but come by the feeling mostly, cook a what kind of egg complete by luck.

Boiled eggs schedule

Boiled eggs schedule

How to boil the boiled eggs that gives different maturity:

3 to 4 minutes of: ? Saddle go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married swell stick Ju He of reason of Ping of full of Shang Wei  to quickly? of ⌒ of parrot of Tuo of  of money of scabbard of  of the  that prick 

6 to 7 minutes of: ? ? of Long of gourd ladle of full of  of Hui of amaranth of phlegmy  of  of  of saddle Zi over sixty years of age rising abruptly

9 to 10 minutes of: ? Saddle is strong make iron? of Min of bad astounded of favour of A Chinese-style unlined garment of act of travel of riverside of Dan  full

: of 12 minutes of above? Umbrella of  of shaming dispute of bottle of full of  of blessing of Yan of  of over sixty years of age of fall forward of saddle vertebra full?

Additional, take in freezer throw boiling water directly in easy burst.

Boiled eggs schedule

How long is the egg boiled best?

The coddle schedule of above is according to the egg maturity sets out, but the time length that the egg boils still wants mouthfeel of according to individual to undertake evaluating. As a result of everybody the constitution is different, different also to bacterial resistance. Some people can eat an egg raw, some people must be thoroughlied cook appeared ability to dare eat.

Safe respect: The completely ripe egg of 10 minutes of above is better.

The egg is kind of food that is polluted easily by the bacterium. Without completely caky egg, for example egg of hot spring egg, with a soft yolk, mean did not reach antiseptic temperature. If as it happens is touched,went up to be polluted, be in unhealthily the egg of the body, may cause bad consequence.

Nutrient respect: Distinction is not big.

Heat to be affected to the nutrition of the egg actually not big, protein and mineral won’t boil a few minutes to cannot be absorbed because of how, a little influential is a vitamin, but the loss is not big, also need not kink.

Choose above 5 minutes 10 minutes so the following egg, can go up in mouthfeel, nutrition quite give attention to two or morethings is good.

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