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Pear this kind of food belongs to cool sex, namely the cold sex food that people often says, say to be in so feel oneself appear heatstroke, or inflammation when can eat this kind of fruity, such word can let him have a clear hot relieve internal heat or fever, with the result that improves inflammation, when coughing especially if the many word that takes pear is OK,embellish lung relieves a cough, the symptom that lets oneself cough becomes improve somewhat.

Is pear of cold sex

Small acid of pear flavour pleasant, sex is cool, have into; of classics of lung, stomach promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, moisten the respiratory tract, clear heat, expectorant, the disease such as the dry cough that solves the action; of wine to be used at pyretic injury shade or be caused by of deficiency of yin with irritability, thirsty, constipation,

Pome: Promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, moisten the respiratory tract, clear heat, expectorant wait for effect, apply to disease of irritated thirsty of pyretic injury ferry, disappear thirsty, heat to cough, phlegmy hot Jing is midriff of mad, choke, thirsty gall of bare of aphonia, eye, dyspeptic.

Pome skin: Lung of clear heart, embellish, fall fire, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid, effect of grow kidney, filling shade. The effect with root, branches and leaves, beautiful lung having profit, phlegmy clear heat, alexipharmic disappear.

Pear seed: Pear seed contains lignin, be a kind cannot dissolve fiber, can deliquescent in intestines, form like colloid film, can be united in wedlock with cholesterol in intestines and eliminate. Pear contains boron to be able to prevent woman osteoporosis. When boron is enough, acuity of memory, attention, intelligence can rise.

Is pear of cold sex

Advocate treat

Advocate the cough that treat heat, relieve a cough. Treat cough hot, apoplectic not language, typhoid fever is calorific, solve red stone steam, jing evil. Benefit relieve oneself, divide wicked wind, stop be perturbed asthma is dithyrambic. Embellish lung cool heart, disappear is phlegmy fall phlogistic, wine is the poison that solve sore, poisonous. Have next fire, study costive effect.

Li Shizhen says: ” do not record ” Tan Li, say its calamity only, do not say its result. Disease of the ancients respecting is concerned with chill mostly, using drug is laurel, add, do not know pear to have cool heart of lung of the heat that make wind, embellish however, disappear phlegmy reduce internal heat, alexipharmic function. 10 have the disease of current people 67 it is phlegmy disease, fire disease. The good part of pear is a lot of more certain, but unfavorable also excessive and feed. Regretful is, only lacteal pear, goose pear can eat and can treat a disease, although other pear can eat to also cannot treat a disease.

Pear is divided outside can be being fed for be born, still but brew, make preserved fruit of pear syrup, pear, and officinal. If pome treats heat to cough, section sticks treat burn; to pound juice inside, embellish lung cool heart, wine is the poison that solve sore, poisonous. Pear flower can go decoct of leaf of pear of; of face black acne is taken, treat cold hernia of wind and children, bark can cough except knot gas go against wait for disease.

Is pear of cold sex

Pear leaf

Pound juice to take, solve bacterium poison. Treat children colic. Liquor is taken, treat cholera to say interest more than. Decoct is taken, treat wind.

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