Most want feminine lot sleep bad to be used to

The time that there is 1/3 in the person’s lifetime is spent in Morpheus, so, if your habit when sleep is bad, very can big to the harm of the body. Especially the following kinds of habits, to the woman, should prohibit absolutely.

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1, before sleeping, get angry

The life before sleeping is huffish, can make personThe heartbeat is accelerated, hu is sucked hurried, feeling myriad, as a result falls asleep hard.

2, the play knife and fork before sleeping

Before sleeping, eat too fully, gastric bowel should intensify digesting, the stomach meets replete alimental stimulate cerebrum ceaselessly. Cerebrum has excited place, the person won’t fall asleep peacefully, place of traditional Chinese medical science of no less than says ” the stomach is on bad terms, lie disturbed ” .

3, before sleeping, drink tea

The material such as theine is contained in tea, these material can stimulate central nervous, make a person excited, be like tea is drunk before sleeping, especially strong tea, central nervous will be more excited, make the person falls asleep not easily.

4, violent campaign

Before sleeping acuteness activity, the nerve cell that can make cerebrum dominates muscle activity presents extremely strong exalted position, this kind of excitement is in short time won’t calm, the person cannot fall asleep very quickly. So, body calm ought to maintain as far as possible before sleeping, but also might as well some of light activity, if take a walk,wait.

5, the pillow is exorbitant

Tell from physiology angle, pillow with 8 ~ 12 centimeters advisable. Too low, cause easily “Stiff neck” , or the blood because of flowing into brains is overmuch, cause morrow head hair to go up, eyelid dropsy; is exorbitant, meeting influence Hu is sucked expedite, hit Hu verbose easily, and long-term tall pillow, easy bring about cervical and unwell orBow-backed.

6, pillow begins to sleep

Below head of pillow of the two tactics when sleeping, except the influence blood circulates, causeUpper limbs comaOutside ache, make force of celiac internal pressure easily still elevatory, as time passes still can arise ” return esophagus drifting a gender phlogistic ” . So, when sleeping, should not be it is pillow with two tactics.

7, the quilt covers a head

With the face that be cheated is easy cause Hu to suck difficult; at the same time, inspiratory 2 what him Hu goes outOxygenChange carbon, right healthy very adverse. The infant is more unfavorable and such, have otherwiseAsphyxialdangerous.

8, Dehisce breathes

Shutting buccal night to lie is to maintain the best method of vigour, and dehisce Hu is sucked not only meeting engulf dirt, and make tracheal, lung and costal region ministry get extremely easily the stimulation of cold air. Had better suck with nose Hu, vibrissa can hold back partial dirt, nasal cavity can undertake adding to inspiratory cold air lukewarm, healthful.

9, sleep to wind

Ability suits to reduce to what the environment changes when Morpheus, easy catch cold catch cold falls ill. The ancients thinks, wind is the length of 100 disease, beneficent and number runs the person that attune of; be apt to is photographed, although undeserved wind reachs sweltering summer heat,be born lie below dew. The place that sleeps so should keep away from blast tuyere, it is advisable that the bed has certain space from window, door.


10, sitting to sleep

Some people are satiate the meal sits toward sofa, open tea of crock of TV make tea, quite comfortable. The likelihood works too tired, looked at TV to be asleep, this makes the 2nd big hidden trouble appeared! Because sitting to sleep,can make the heartbeat is decelerated, blood-vessel is outspread, the blood that sheds each viscera is little also. Plus gastric ministry digestive need blood is supplied, accentuated therebyThe head is anoxic, bring aboutGiddy, Tinnitusappear. Someone says to rest a little while midday, who still takes a quilt to go unit ah, look for a place to stay have to. The thing is a province, body of be a good fit can put forward to protest however.

(the exercitation edits: Deng Huigong)

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