Pregnant woman is not done ” coffee confusing “

Sweet strong coffee always lets a person cannot help wanting to drink a few more, but coffeine isInto addictionMaterial, can stimulate central nervous, in case excessive appears possiblyPalpitation, Insomnia, excited, Have a headacheWait for a phenomenon, serious when, possible still meeting produces the situation with not whole rhythm of the heart. Are you a coffee confusing? 30, 20, 10 years old you, if drinkable excessive coffee, the likelihood creates body burden, get special attention certainly!

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Be a hindrance to of 30 years old of pregnant woman is fetal development grows

Divide according to los angeles of American California university school is public hygiene courtyard, the investigation that makes evaluates discovery, everyday at least drinkable the pregnant woman of 300 milligram caffein, produce the infantile weight below to be not worth the opportunity of 5.5 pounds, it is 1 times of the person that do not drink coffeine.

Coffeine absorbs the pregnant woman with moderate amount, fetal depauperate inside the uterus dangerous sex, the 1 times; that prep above does not drink coffee pregnant woman absorbs coffeine particularly much woman is fetal depauperate possibility, more average person is 4 times more. From afore-mentioned investigation discovery, before confirming a lot of research results, namely coffeine be a hindrance to is fetal grow.

Because of this new research, more make doctor and nurse, the advice conceives pregnant woman, reduce drinkable coffee, everyday at least under 300 milligram. Although, at present still not bright the baby that shows coffee to be able to make pregnant woman produces next deformation or weight inadequacy, but medical bound and American food and medicaments management board (F.D.A. ) suggest pregnant woman keeps away from coffeine, because coffeine can cross placenta really. Because pregnant woman is right the metabolization of coffeine is slow, and in the abdomen fetal the ability that did not metabolize at all to coffeine, after pregnant woman absorbed coffeine, can lengthen to fetal influence, fetal want when 8, when 9 months, ability is capable that metabolism comes to Jie the caffein in cleared blood.

20 years old of girls contract the disease before classics easily group

Average woman is mensal ” good friend ” , often perplexing the woman’s work and rest, especially single woman more very, and coffeine and ” the disease before classics group ” have close relationship. According to American Russia the city that strap ridge establishs the research group of the university, be aimed at 842 female, do ” the disease before classics group ” research, publish the result at ” periodical of American communal sanitation ” . Researcher asks to suffer the person that measure, the record leaves daily drink, include soda water of moisture, coffee, tea, low card to wait. Study the result discovers, the disease before classics group the symptom heals serious person, its drink the caffein below to heal much, its typical symptom isAngst, Blue, mood change andGain weight. Anyhow, the person that the researcher thinks not to absorb coffeine, can be in inside a few months before slow down classics disease group.


10 years old of children create burden of the body, psychology

Learn a report according to cure, if let children too tipple coffee becomes addiction, will create serious problem to their health, parental cannot inadvertent. Medicine considers to show, the person that has 25% absorbs the caffein of excessive, and the adolescent of coffee of drink of be addicted to more year after year increases 12 ~ 15% , american medicine researcher expresses: ” this is a very big question, want to fear this meeting creates the problem of psychology and physiology, also can affect build and maintain good Morpheus quality. ” the caffein that absorbs excessive can be causedHave a headache, Fatigue, excited and excessive, memory degrades, study efficiency not the problem of beautiful and mood respect, additional, many can join much grandma energy and candy in coffee, cause possibly instead so absorb overmuch calorie, create fat problem.

(the exercitation edits: Zheng Yanjun)

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