Little secret hides feminine health in briefs

  InsidePants wears bad figure big go out of form

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Very much beautiful eyebrow can feel the choice is little briefs can let tighten of flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married a few, but the model body briefs that if you are not,wears this kind of idea but off base. Small KK is met the flesh squeezes a waist, abdomen and coxal flesh so that leave broadcast to come, not only not beautiful still give a person a kind of too fat to move, the feeling of cascade of flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married. Important is to be worn so long originally good figure also is met go out of form.

Briefs choice does not want by be fond of

MM people when choosing briefs the easiest be attracted by beautiful design and lovely bud silk place, actually choice material pledges and easy just is the most crucial moderately. When buying briefs, should maintain with double handgrip briefs, whether does the radian that sees from beginning to end accord with his figure, also should check fabrics to whether breathe freely at the same time, comfortable.

“T ” model pants is not everybody can be worn

Likelihood and vogue are concerned, the closest eyebrow is in the beauty group in hanged ” T ” model pants upsurge. This kind of briefs comes from the west, after be being designed piece used bold line, let whole and coxal Dou Lou be inOutsideFace, suit tie-in jeans to wear particularly. But the special design as a result of pants of this kind of bottom, allow briefs and private part easilyThe skinProduce attrition to cause allergy. So the beautiful eyebrow of bright feeling still fastens the skin as far as possible touch them.

Abdomen has flesh of go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married briefs of Shen Xuangao waist

This kind of briefs suits to like athletic schoolgirl quite, because outer the interior when wearing be good at caparison deserves to go up such bottom pants need not be carriedHeartHave the risk that exposes his body carelessly, but the bottom pants of this kind of type suits abdomen not quite adipose more schoolgirl, it not only can make flesh of abdominal go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married more apparent instead without corset effect.

   SummerBe afraid of expose one’s body optional quadrilateral pants

Quadrilateral pants is told relative to briefs more safe, do not have the likelihood that expose one’s body completely. The beautiful eyebrow that fears summer wears skirt to be able to expose his body can choose quadrilateral pants deserves to be inside frivolous skirt. Notable is quadrilateral pants has tall waist and low small of the back two kinds, if jacket is raised very easily, had better choose small waist quadrilateral pants, avoid the awkwardness that briefs appears.

Promotion waist optional tall waist bellyband

To the waist the line resents or lumbar abdomen has the beautiful eyebrow of flesh of more go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married, the briefs that wears tall waist bellyband is a right choice. It not only can help flesh of extruding go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married let lumbar abdomen model more beautiful fluenter, yesReduce weightAlso have auxiliary effect. Nevertheless, this kind of briefs had better distribute thicker clothes inside, after all modelling is not very beautiful.

Increase coxal line or rely on to take exercise

Although 5 horn pants is mixed a lot ofHealth careBriefs advocate hasCarry buttock, the action of model leg, but because as Asian, we are original the constitution differs with other and Euramerican nation, coxal modelling this compressed, together with sits in the office to let hip more easily become compressed and flagging every day. Plant in this wanting to promote coxal line through briefs under the circumstance is some truly tried to do a difficult job as best one can. Although sanitarian briefs has the effect that extracts buttock certainly, but want to leave to Bian Bian makes the same score buttock or go thoroughly gym takes exercise!

Briefs color does not want too bright-coloured

Bright color and lovely design are schoolgirls love most, but remember choosing bottom pants please but ten million cannot the design and color of cling to beauty. Because a lot of femaleDivisionThe disease is to be able to be passedLeucorrhoeacolor comes of early-warning, the bottom pants with too bright color can make us not quite easy notice the leucorrhoea that became angry, illness of possible also incur loss through delay.

Sexy briefs does not want to be worn every day

Believe to have a lot of woman students to invite a boy friend happy like dress sexy and the briefs of having a unique style, although these small KK let you appear enough,sex appeal is mixed attractive, but they can should not be wear every day. Because these fasten the little ground pants that has interest, although look very pretty good, but it is chemical fibber material pledges mostly, create a burden easily to the skin. Common cotton qualitative briefs still is changed when dating!

Briefs or hand are washed had better

Although wash the dress,be special the business that allows poll to ache, expend physical strength to injure a hand again again. But no matter the washing machine of your home is much advanced, it is better that briefs or him hand are washed. Soap or the female sex should be chosen when catharsis additionally special soap will wash, after be being washed, put in ventilated place air to bask in, let ultraviolet ray disinfect.


Briefs wears half an year at most

I know you very love old, very hardworking and thrifty, but briefs can wear half an year to need to desertion only at most. Although it may look very new still, but a few excrement and urine can remain commonly on the briefs that crosses every time, these excrement and urine are course catharsis also of won’t complete purify, there had been a lot of invisible excrement and urines on the briefs that half an year controls you that is to say, lose early still so had better.

(responsibility edits: Xu Xiaoyu)

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