Myopia allows Mom to want to notice glasses of the form that wear concealed to be able to hurt baby

A lot of matching that wear invisibleEyeOf lensFuFemale ever had had such experience: During be pregnant, deserve formerly to wear what suit very much is invisible glasses, can become not easy deserve to wear, and often feel uncomfortable, cannot deserve for long to wear, do not wear at all even on. Why can you have this kind of change? This is about to be mentioned from the influence that is pregnant to be caused to the eye.

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We know, normal eye of the person has film of a tear, enclothe in cornea (before black eyeball transparent part) reach conjunctiva (before white transparent part) before, tear film byInsideAndOutsideDivide again reach grease layer for mucus element layer, water fluid layer:

Mucus element layer: Be in most in layer, secrete by place of cell of conjunctiva cup shape, main will corneal epithelial become hydrophily by close fat sex, make water fluid layer can even distributing in eyeball surface.

Water fluid layer: Inter layer, secrete by lachrymal gland and deputy lachrymal gland, held the majority of tear film, mainFunctionTo offer eyeball cornea of flowing surface, supply is epithelialOxygenGas, antiseptic action reachs cleared metabolization production.

Grease layer: Be in most surface layer, by palpebral eyelid board gland place is secreted, main function is those who defer water fluid layer evaporate reach the appearance that raises tear filmTension.

Be pregnant what can affect tear film is qualitative with the quantity, be pregnant evening has the pregnant woman tear of 80% to secrete an amount about is reductive (advocate if water fluid layer is secreted,be not worth) . And cell of conjunctiva cup shape suffers a bosom to be affected hormonally between pregnancy and decrease, can bring about mucus element layer to secrete decrease, make of tear film distributing equably suffer destroy. And conceive the eyelid between pregnancyOedemaCan bring about eyelid easyInflammation, destroy the exudation of grease layer, the water fluid layer that makes tear film medium evaporates more easily. So tear film measures decrease reach those who pledge is not stable, cause easily “Do a small hole” symptom, the influence is invisible of glasses deserve to wear.

During be pregnant, itself of the mother’s body can have a lot of changes, in order to offer an embryoA proper growth environment. The change on these body functions, also can cause the effect on physiology to the eye.

Average during be pregnant weight increases 11 kilograms about, and stored more inside body the water portion of about 6.5 liter. And cornea contains the water portion of 70% , so it is before eyeball half suffer be pregnant water share increases the one share with the largest influence.

The basis considers to point out, during be pregnant, eyeball appears to change below:

1. Corneal ply increases, arrive more be pregnant evening, corneal ply increases more apparent.

2. Corneal susceptibility reduces instead: Can affect corneal reflex and the function that protect eyeball, week of the 6~8 after this kind of phenomenon is being produced is OK extensiveAnswerNormal.

3. Corneal radian has some of change: Be pregnant evening is more apparent, the basis considers to report, corneal radian can become steeper during be pregnant, and make the change that bends smooth examination to have 0.25~1.25 diopter. The change of corneal radian can make match Dai Ge formerly comfortable invisible glasses becomes improper.

4. Myopic degree may increase: Be pregnant can make the small hemal convulsion of conjunctiva reachs systole, bring about blood stream little. And crystalline lens is spent fully to the of water portion increase, can make crystal radian becomes steep, the close diopter of the eye can increase, make former and appropriate invisible glasses becomes degree not , bring about see a thing the meeting is punch-drunk.

Invisible the question is very much during glasses a group of things with common features is pregnant. The pregnant woman that has 30% about has the problem that compounds glasses of the form that wear concealed, these problems basically are most:

1. When matching glasses of the form that wear concealed dry, discrepant content feels (especially strong pattern is invisible eye Zuo ) .

2. Feel invisible to rate of glasses surface oily Mo increases (the accumulation that basically is mucus) .

3. Eyesight becomes not clear.

4. Deserve to wear shorten than ever between etc.

The influence of these worries and the afore-mentioned changes that conceive layer of the tear between pregnancy, wet inadequacy of eyeball surface, corneal ply and radian has very big concern. So how to avoid this kind of harm? Might as well try the following way:

1. The choice is comfortable invisible glasses

2. Correct cleanness is invisible glasses


3. Be pregnant not to suit to do thunder to shoot correctional and myopic operation

  DoctorEnjoin, pregnant woman does not suit constant Daixing invisible glasses, 3 months after at least should is pregnant stop, postpartum 6~8 week (best 3 months) deserve to wear afresh again. If pregnant woman is not glasses of the form that wear concealed cannot, be about to do good lens cleanness strictly to maintain the job, or it is flat use day throws form invisible glasses, give out to be thrown, cross-eye eyeball is the most healthy. Want to have unwell symptom a bit or should search as soon as possible only howeverOphthalmicDoctor make a diagnosis and give treatment, do not hold in the arms hold protractedHeartVoice, what lest cause,cannot make up for is regretful.

(responsibility edits: Xu Xiaoyu)

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